The Discophonic Site Award

Want to win an award? Well, then, you've come to the right place! This isn't a Site of the Month deal. This just goes to sites that I like.

Like most pages that offer awards, I have a few rules to follow

1. The page must be Monkee or Geator Related
2. There can be no Monkee or Geator bashing (such as referring to Jerry as a "slimey contest manager")
3. The page can not have any broken links
4. Please do not steal my award and say you've won it. I will send it to you via email.
5. No slash pages will be accepted, and neither will pages with excessive profanity.
6. Sign the guestbook (optional, but it'll help)
7. DO NOT LINK MY AWARD DIRECTLY! Angelfire does not allow this, and the picture will be messed up.
8. Pages that have won The Mallards Dome previous award (the Psyche-Groovy Award) will not be elligible to win the Discophonic Award

These are just my guidelines for my award. If you want to apply, either sign the guestbook saying that you wish to apply for my award, or email me with the subject line "Discophonic Award". Most of the time however, I will be picking pages at random.

NOTE: If your site has an award, and the Dome recieves it, you ultimately recieve the Discophonic Site Award.

WINNERS (new winners towards the bottom)

P.O. Box 9847

The Monkees Film and TV Vault

The Blue Light Diner

Love is Only Sleeping

Starshine's Monkees Fan Site

Just Monkee'n Around

Manchester Boy's Homepage

She Hangs Out

The Phantasmagoric Pad