Sunken Treasure

It was the first day of summer vacation. Gosalyn and Michelle were just coming into the house, and Gosalyn was sorting the mail.

"Anything for me?" Michelle asked.

"Let's look," Gosalyn said. She started flipping through the mail. "Current resident, that's for you, occupant that's for you, Love Potion Number Nine magazine . . . ."

"That's for Dad," both girls said at once.

The girls went over to the couch and put the mail on the coffee table. They went through it, sorting out Drake's, Duke's, and Olivia's. Drake came into the house just then, with Reggie right behind him.

"Hi, girls," he said.

"Hi," the girls replied.

"Any mail?" he asked.

"Next to Uncle Duke's," Gosalyn said.


Drake took his mail and leafed through it. He found one from his cousin, Brian, the explorer.

"You sure have an interesting family," Reggie said. "You and your sister are singers, your uncle's a pilot, your parents are hippies, and your cousins are mixed from an explorer, an archaeologist, a concert violinist, and a stripper."

"How'd you know that?" Drake asked, throwing the mail, except the letter from Brian, on the table.

"Oh come on," Reggie laughed. "I've seen her before. I've been going to the Hat Box Club since I was twenty-one. Last time I was there she introduced herself to me because she recognized me from a magazine!"

Drake blushed. The Hat Box Club happened to be a strip joint, and his cousin, Rosanna, worked there as a stripper.

"How come I've never seen pictures of her, Dad?" Gosalyn asked.

"You're too young," Drake said. He ended the conversation there and opened Brian's letter. It read:

Dear Drake, what's up, dude? How've you been? I've been doing fine. My latest journey has taken me off the coast of Mexico, in search of sunken treasure in the Pacific. Maybe we'll end up where the Titanic sunk (I think it was the Pacific. Ask Reggie. He's the genius). I thought maybe since it's in the middle of July, you'd bring down the girls and have them look at what their cousin Brian does for a living. Also, I need a little help digging up some of the artifacts. Think you can help? I'll pay for plane tickets and all, especially if Peter, Davy, Micky, and all those other friends of yours want to come. Catch you on the flip side! Brian.

"Brian talks like a surfer dude," Drake said. "Might as well call the guys and see if they're up for Mexico."

A week later, the Monkees, the Mallards Jerry, Phyllis, Samantha, Michelle, Gosalyn, and her friend, Catchum Crocodile, arrived in Mexico.

"This is gonna be so cool," Catchum said. "Are there going to be these ancient temples where the ancient natives worshiped ancient sun gods?"

"You'll have to ask Brian," Drake said.

"Wow, Mexico," Davy said.

"I just hope you don't land us in any trouble like you did the last time we were here, Davy," Mike said.

"Aw come on, Mike!" Davy shouted. "Would I do that?"

"Yes. I know you all too well, Dave."

Davy shrugged. The group got off the airplane and met up with Drake's cousin, Brian.

"Hey, guys," he said. "Anybody ready for adventure?"

"I'm ready for lunch," Micky said. "Anybody hungry?"

"Starving," Reggie said. "Let's see if we can find a taco stand."

"Shouldn't be too hard. We're in Mexico, so the place must be crawling with 'em."

After lunch, Brian led the group to his main station. The place looked like a science fiction movie, with all the radar screens, surveillance cameras, buttons, and all sorts of technical do dads.

"Cool," Gosalyn said.

"How are you able to get pictures of under water stuff?" Catchum asked, looking at the screens.

"Special under water cameras," Brian said.

"Kinda like Jacques Costeau," Mike whispered to Reggie.

"The team is looking for any sunken treasure we can find," Brian said. "Not only are we explorers, we're environmentalists. The debris from the sunken ships isn't good for the fish. Especially if we find gold coins and stuff."

"That makes sense," Samantha replied. "So you want us to help dig it up?"

"Yeah," Brian said. "Why not? You people aren't doing much these days, believe me, I know."

Drake threw his cousin a dirty look. Hours later, they were preparing to search the Pacific. Mike was watching the surveillance cameras, and figuring out how to operate all the buttons on the panel when Davy walked in, wearing an orange scuba suit, goggles, and mouth piece. He figured he'd get a kick out of scaring Mike out of his gourd.

"'Ey, Mike?" he said, tapping his friend's shoulder.

"What?" Mike said, turning around. Then he saw Davy. "AHH! Good grief, Davy! What are you tryin' to do? Give me a heart attack?!"

"Sorry, mate," Davy said, taking the mouth piece out. "Couldn't resist. You just looked so deep in thought."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll go get a wet suit and join ya in a minute."


Mike managed to find a scuba diving uniform and he joined Brian, Drake, Peter, Davy, Quackerjack, Micky, and Reggie on the boat. Jerry was there also, but he was going to handle the radar on the boat.

"So, what do we do?" Mike asked.

"You dive in, dig up some stuff, and bring it back here," Brian said. "Duh!"

Mike shook his head and pulled the goggles over his eyes. Then the Monkees and the Mallards jumped off the boat and began looking around for sunken ships. It wasn't going to be easy, that was for sure! There was a cruise ship in the distance, so the group swam for it. Micky held an under water flashlight up and the gang found a safe. Drake tried to work the combination, but he didn't have any luck. Mike managed to get it open, but they didn't have much luck, since the safe was empty.

The boys swam around for a little while, until Davy found a pearl necklace. The boys swam up and climbed onto the ship.

"Eureka!" he shouted. "We've found something."

Mike took the pearls and looked at them. He dangled them in his hand.

"Where do you get pearls, Davy? In general," he said.

"Oystahs," Davy said. "And these look like they've been strung out of oystah pearls."

"Chinese oysters!" Mike threw the pearls on the deck. "There's a small label on there that says made in China! We're on a wild goose chase."

"There's got to be something under there!" Brian shouted.

"So far, junk."

"Come on, you guys! We can't give this up. What if it isn't a wild goose chase? Please?"

"All right, all right. Well, listen, maybe we're not out far enough to dig up the good stuff. Maybe we need to get out further. Not today, though."

"How come?"

"Cause we've got head back."


"Because if I don't get somethin' to eat in the next . . . . ten minutes," (watch check), "I'm gonna pass out and you won't be able to do a thing with me."

Brian didn't ask questions. He just told his crew to turn the boat around and head back to the port.

"I 'ave to 'and it to ya, Mike," Davy said. "You're getting bettah at remembering your hypoglycemia."

"Yeah, I know," Mike said. "I just hope we don't stay here long. I also remember this one time we went to Mexico, you got yourself in trouble."

"Aw, come off it. Maybe I won't see Angelita again."

"Oh no? Then who's that on the dock with the kids?"

Davy looked and gasped. It happened to be Angelita, his Mexican girlfriend (remember the episode "It's a Nice Place to Visit"?)

"Hey, guys!" Gosalyn called, waving. "Guess what?"

"What?" Davy asked.

"We got to see the ancient temples where the ancient natives used to worship the ancient sun gods!" Catchum said.

"'Ow'd you manage that?"

"Angelita saw Peter, came over to the site to say hello and asked if you were here and then she asked us what we were doing here and Gosalyn told her that her dad brought us down to see what Brian does for a living and I said that we really wanted to see the ancient stuff and she showed us. By the way, Davy, she wants a date."

Both Davy and Angelita blushed.

"'E 'as a way with words," Davy said.

"So I have noticed," Angelita said.

"Excuse me," Mike said. "But this is where I came in. Come on, kids. Let's go get some tacos or somethin'."

Mike led the kids away from the dock and laughed. He hoped Davy wouldn't get himself into trouble, like he usually did when it came to him and girls. After that, Reggie and Micky stood around the station, looking over the pictures of the digging site, since both of them had photography connections. Micky was a photography nut and Reggie had a friend who photographed for the local newspaper in California.

"I think Brian might want to take the camera out deeper," Reggie said. "There isn't much to go for down here."

"Yeah, man," Micky said. "I think it might be too shallow. We haven't found anything yet."

The next day, Brian, Micky, Reggie, and Mike went under water with the camera to do some more digging. Peter, Drake, and Samantha were handling categorizing the artifacts they did manage to dig up. Quackerjack and Phyllis were inside the station, on contact with Brian's boat, and also watching the radar system. Davy and Angelita took the kids exploring in the old temples.

"Are there any ancient curses on the temples, Uncle Davy?" Michelle asked.

"You know, I don't know, luv," Davy said. He turned to Angelita. "Any curses on these temples?"

"Well," Angelita said, "maybe they're just stories that people tell to scare children. You can never tell these things."

"An ancient curse would be so cool," Gosalyn said. "Maybe if we go into a temple, a rock will fall and squash Michelle! Then my problems will be over!"

"Gosalyn, that's not nice," Davy said. "You should be nice to your little sistah!"

"Yeah!" Michelle shouted.

"And you stay out of this!"

"Aw, nuts!"

Davy shook his head as Gosalyn and Catchum ran ahead of the adults and Michelle, in order to check things out.

"Are there ancestors of the Aztecs and the Incas and the Mayas in there?" Catchum asked.

"No," Angelita giggled. "These temples have been deserted for years."

"Did all those people really perform human sacrifices?" Catchum asked.

"The Aztecs and the Incas might have," Angelita said. "I'm not too sure about the Mayans. Heck, I'm not even positive if the Aztecs or the Incas did."

"I know one of them did," Davy said.

"That'd be cool," Gosalyn said. "Let's sacrifice Michelle!"

"Gosalyn Marie, that's enough of that!" Davy shouted. "You should be ashamed of yourself!"

"Didn't your sisters ever want to get rid of you?"

Davy sighed and they went on to explore the temples. There was no stopping the kids. They were like Indiana Jones (well, they had one Jones with them). Meanwhile, the others tried to dig up at least something valuable from the sunken ships that were around. They didn't find much, but they did manage to dig up a couple of tea pots.

"These may not be worth a sunken treasure," Samantha said, pouring the water out of the tea pot. "But it could be an antique."

"Right," Brian said. "And that's what we want. Antiques and things like that."

"Why do you guys want some sunken treasure, anyway?" Mike asked, biting into an apple.

"Well, we've been looking for this lost city of gold," Brian said. "We read about a legend about it. While my friends and I are digging up these old relics and junk, we might find clues to the city."

"That'll get the kids excited," Micky said. "How long have you been looking for it?"

"Since January," Brian said. "So far, we haven't found anything. We'll have to look at all the books about the legend."

"Maybe Angelita would know," Micky said.

"Hey, yeah," Mike said. "She lives in this country, after all."

That was one solution, but they had to find Davy before they could ask Angelita about a lost city of gold. Once the kids found out about it, they went running to the temples. Angelita didn't have any clue about any lost city, but she had heard the legends and stories.

"We'd bettah go find the kids before they 'urt themselves or destroy the old temples trying to dig for gold," Davy said. "Whichevah comes first."

The group went inside the temple and looked around. the kids were looking at an old statue of some sort carved into the rock.

"Whoa," Gosalyn said.

"That thing must be at least a thousand years old," Catchum said. "Give or take a few hundred."

"What are you guys doing?" Mike asked.

"Looking for treasure, what else?" Gosalyn asked.

The next day, the group went down in the ocean looking for valuables, as usual. Jerry emerged from the deep first.

"Find anything?" Brian asked.

"Well, I found out something," Jerry replied, pulling his goggles off.


"There is absolutely nothing down there but fish, seaweed, and the occasional crab."

Mike climbed on board next. He wasn't in a good mood, because he still figured the whole thing was a wild goose chase. He threw off his gear with so much force, Brian thought his air tank would crash through the floor of the boat.

"There's your occasional crab now," Jerry said.

Mike glared at him and walked off, muttering curses. Brian suggested they take the boat out farther. Maybe they'd find something then. Mike shrugged. Meanwhile, Davy was searching the temples to see if they could find anything.

"Hey, look at these ancient hieroglyphics," Gosalyn said.

"I thought they were only in Egypt," Davy said.

"Not really," Catchum replied. "See, ancient rulers of Mexico and Egypt used pictures as writing. Now all we got to do is translate them."

"'Ow'd you know that?"

"I got A's in history."

Davy nodded. They couldn't make heads or tails out of the hieroglyphics. They went back to the station and let Brian know what they found.

"Lost city of gold," Mike said. "Sheesh. I doubt there is such a thing."

"Eh, Mike you don't believe anything," Brian said.

"What do you expect? I'm a skeptic."

The next morning, Mike went with Davy and the kids to search the temples. The place was empty.

"Kinda like Peter's head," Mike said. Davy hit him on the arm.

"Lighten up, Mike," he said. "If you don't think there's such a thing as a lost city then why did you come with us?"

"Because it's better than divin' for pennies at the bottom of the sea."

Davy let out an exasperated sigh. The kids were going wild. They were running around the temple, looking for clues to the lost city. Davy was basically watching the kids so they wouldn't hurt themselves or destroy the temple (whichever came first). Mike was just hanging around because he was sick and tired of diving.

"I still say it's a wild goose chase," he said, leaning against the wall. "We have as much chance of findin' treasure as I do becomin' Miss America. Let's head back."

"Oh, all right," Davy said. "Come on, kids."

Davy and Mike let the kids back to the docks in time to see the others come in. Drake and the others were ticked off because they still hadn't found anything remotely close to buried treasure.

"Cuz, all we're finding down there is antiques," Drake said, throwing a hope chest on deck.

"But they're nice antiques," Peter said.

"I guess we'll just have to go out deeper," Brian replied.

"If we go out any deeper, we'll end up off the coast of Japan!" Reggie screamed. "I'm beginning to agree with Mike. This is a wild goose chase."

Brian shrugged and told Peter to polish the teapot he brought on deck. Peter nodded and took out his handkerchief (how he managed to get it into his wet suit, we'll never know). While he was shining it up, smoke started coming out of the pot.

"I am the genie of the teapot," a genie said after the smoke materialized. "I will grant you one wish."

"Wow! A wish!" Peter shouted. "Let's see . . ."

Peter tried to think of a good wish, but nothing came to mind. It drove him crazy.

"Gee, I wish I could think of a wish," he said.

"Granted," the genie replied. He clapped his hands.

"I thought of a wish!" Peter shouted. Then he realized what had happened. "I wish I hadn't done that."

The genie shrugged and disappeared. Peter groaned and tossed the teapot back into the drink. The following day, Brian took the guys out deeper into the ocean. They found absolutely nothing, except Reggie's hunch had been right. Thanks to the hyper drive of the ship (and the writer's whacko imagination), they ended up off the coast of Japan.

"How did that happen?!" Mike asked.

"Ask the writer," Reggie replied.

Mike decided to let it slide (besides, he knew the writer would say something like because it's funny, and leave it at that).

The next day wasn't too eventful. They just went out, dove for pennies (as Mike put it), searched the ancient temples, dot, dot, dot.

"Maybe we should start digging underneath the wet sand," Drake said.

"Then we'll definitely end up in Japan," Reggie said.

"Reg, that's impossible. Not only is it impossible, it's silly."

"Why not? It happened before."

"Don't push it."

They ended up digging underneath the sand. They didn't come up with one bloody item, and they ended up in Japan again.

"Told ya," Reggie said.

"I don't believe that," Drake said. "We might as well head back."

"Last one back to Mexico is a stale egg roll!"

Reggie dove underneath the water and headed back to Mexico with Drake right behind him. Davy and the kids were still wandering around the old temples, trying to make heads or tales out of them.

"You'd think there'd be some clues to a lost city of gold," Gosalyn said.

"Unless Mike was right, luv," Davy said. "There may not be a city. It could be a myth."

"What's a myth?" Michelle asked.

"A girl is a myth and a boy is a mithter," Gosalyn said. Davy and Catchum groaned.

"That's an old joke," Catchum said.

"Yeah, but it's funny," Gosalyn replied.

"All right, that's enough jokes," Davy said. "Let's continue looking for the lost city."

The kids ran around, looking for clues. Davy couldn't take much more of it. Neither could Mike. It was driving him batty.

"If we don't find any treasure soon," he said, "I'm not gonna be held responsible for my actions."

"Oh, cool it," Brian replied. "We went through all the books and there has got to be sunken treasure around here somewhere!"

With that, Peter and Drake emerged from the deep carrying a small box.

"For a small box, this thing sure is heavy," Peter said.

"What's in it?" Mike asked.

"I don't know," Peter replied.

"Where'd you find it?"

"I don't know."

"Well, where was it buried?"

"I don't know."

"How come you don't know?"

"I'm the dummy, remember?"

Mike rolled his eyes and took the box. Then he handed it to Brian. Brian opened it and shrieked.

"Whyreeka!" he shouted.

"That's Eureka," Peter said.

"Whatever," Brian said. "We've hit the jackpot!"

They certainly did hit the jackpot. Inside that small box were (what Mike considered) marbles.

"They're just a bunch of marbles," Mike said. "Some kid on the Titanic probably lost them."

"The Titanic didn't sink near Mexico," Peter said. "Sheesh, and you say I'm the dummy!"

Mike glared at Peter. Peter just shrugged. Mike groaned and walked off. Naturally, the kids wanted to see what they had found. Gosalyn and Michelle immediately began shooting the marbles, and Catchum started to look through the books.

"I was expecting you'd be the one to play with the marbles instead of the girls," Davy said.

"I know," Catchum said. "But I can never beat Gosalyn at marbles. She's just too good. Besides, I looked through this book earlier and it had something about marbles in here."

Davy shrugged and looked through the book with Catchum while Gosalyn and Michelle played with the marbles. Mike thought it was just a bunch of stories. Finally . . . .

"I've found something!" Catchum shouted. "Gosalyn, stop shooting those marbles!"

"How come?" Gosalyn asked.

"Because they're part of the clue to find the lost city!"

"Cool! What do we do first?"

"First, we put the marbles back in the box and head for the temple. Then we stick the marbles in the appropriate spots and that will open a secret tunnel. After that, we go through the secret tunnel."

"And after we go through the secret tunnel," Mike said, sarcastically, "we stick more marbles into another wall and go through another secret tunnel. Kids, this is ridiculous! There's no such thing as a lost city of gold! You've been watching too many Indiana Jones movies!"

"Mike, can't you lighten up for once?" Davy asked. "I'm going with the kids to find the city. I honestly think there is such a thing, you know."

"Ha!" Mike scoffed. "I'll believe it when I see it."

"Then come with us and prove us wrong."

"I will!"

Davy, Mike, and the kids were off to look for the lost city. Mike, however, thought it was nothing but a mere story. Davy wasn't too sure if there was a city or not, but the kids were sure excited about it! Gosalyn carried the marbles, Catchum had his nose buried in the book, and Michelle just walked along side of them. Finally, they reached the temple and went inside.

"What do we do first?" Michelle asked.

"Hang on a sec," Catchum replied, looking through the book. "It should be in here somewhere."

Mike folded his arms across his chest and groaned. Davy just watched the kids as they worked.

"Ah ha!" Catchum shouted. "We've got something here. We take the marbles and stick them into the holes that are right here."

"Great!" Gosalyn said. "Let's get working!"

"Hold it!" Mike shouted, glancing at the book. "You can't just stick any old marble in there. According to the picture in the book, they're color coordinated."

Gosalyn looked. She smiled and handed the box to Michelle. Then, she and Catchum started plugging in a couple of marbles. They stuck a blue one in the first hole, a golden brown one into the second hole, and a green one into the third hole. In doing so, the wall opened up to reveal a secret passage.

"Cool!" Gosalyn and Catchum said at once and they ran inside. Michelle ran in after them. Davy followed and Mike groaned, but went inside anyway.

The passage was something else. There were cobwebs all over the place.

"I bet there hasn't been anyone in here for years!" Gosalyn shouted.

"What makes you say that, luv?" Davy asked.

"Call it a hunch."

Davy looked around and saw a skeleton in the corner. He let out a tiny "oh!" and kept walking. Mike looked around the passage and felt a major yawn approach. Not only was searching for a lost city pointless, it was starting to become boring.

"Guys, come on!" he shouted. "There is no lost city of gold! I highly doubt it's possible!"

"Whatever, Mike," Gosalyn said. "We're just looking around."

"Unbelievable," Mike grumbled, and he walked directly into a spider web. After he brushed it out of his face, he ended up tripping over a skeleton and falling over another one.

"Augh!" he shouted, as he shot to his feet. The skull of one of them was full of spiders and now they were crawling out. Mike was totally freaked out. He screamed, brushed the spiders off of him, and ran to catch up to Davy and the kids.

"This place is downright creepy," he said.

"Why?" Davy asked.

"I just woke the natives."

"What natives?"

"Just some spiders. Eccchhh! They were crawlin' on me."

Davy nodded and just continued walking. The kids were way ahead of them, however. And it didn't look like they were going to give up searching for the lost city, much to Mike's dismay. Finally, they made some progress. Gosalyn turned around and found a wall with ancient hieroglyphics written on them.

"Can we get a translator?" she asked. Davy took the book and began to look through it.

"According to the book," he said. "You pull two levahs at the same time."

"But there's only one here," Michelle said.

"I'll bet the other one's behind a secret passage," Catchum said, snapping his fingers. "And all we gotta do is find it."

"You guys are wastin' your time," Mike said. "There is no lost city."

"Gosalyn, you stay 'ere with Mike and Michelle," Davy said, ignoring Mike. He took a flare gun out of a bag he was carrying. "Catchum and I will try to find a secret passage of some sort. When we find the levah, I'll signal you."

"Check!" Gosalyn said.

"Oh brother," Mike groaned, rolling his eyes.

Davy and Catchum went down a passageway until they reached a dead end. Davy looked through the book.

"I can't make 'eads or tails out of this," he said.

"Maybe there's something we can pull," Catchum replied, thinking it over. "Like a torch or something."

"Yeah. I saw it done in a movie once."

Davy pulled on every single one of the torches in the tunnel, but nothing happened. He shook his head.

"No good," he said. "Maybe Mike's right. Maybe there isn't any . . . . yeow!"

Davy had leaned against the wall and fell through a secret door.

"Then again, you could be wrong," Catchum said. "Let's go."

Davy shrugged and ran off to catch up with the ten-year-old. They ran down a path and found another lever, like the one in the other passage.

"This has got to be it!" Catchum shouted. "Fire the gun, Davy!"

"Gotcha, mate," Davy said. He pulled the trigger on the flare gun and a signal shot through the air.

"That's them!" Michelle shouted.

"Let's pull!" Gosalyn yelled.

The two girls tried with all their might to pull, but they weren't having much luck. Mike still considered it to be a story, but he was outnumbered, so he gave the girls a hand. At the same time, Davy and Catchum were pulling on the other lever. Once the two of them went down, the temple began to shake and fall apart.

"Uh oh," Michelle said.

"We'd better split!" Gosalyn shouted.

Everyone tried to get out of the temple as fast as they could, without getting clobbered by falling rocks. Davy and Catchum caught up with Mike and the girls and they started running. The falling rocks were making a terrible noise, and that attracted Brian and the others. They ran to the temple only to see it falling apart.

"How did that happen?!" Peter shouted.

"Looks like somebody's been playing baseball in the 'ouse," Samantha replied.

"This incident could come in handy when Gosalyn plays ball in the house," Jerry said.

After one split second, Michelle came darting out of the temple. She ran directly to Drake and attached herself to his leg. Gosalyn ran out next. She crashed directly into Jerry.

"Whoa, slow down there," he said.

By that time, the door was beginning to close on the other three. Catchum barely made it out. He ended up sliding like a baseball player sliding for home plate.

"Safe!" Micky shouted, like an umpire.

"Where are Mike and Davy?" Phyllis asked.

"Probably still in there," Gosalyn said.

Davy darted out next. He collapsed on the ground, gasping for breath.

"Man," he said, catching his breath. "I 'ope Mike can squeeze out of there. The door's ready to close!"

Mike crawled out of the temple in the nick of time. The whole thing collapsed. Stones were everywhere.

"What did you guys do?!" Brian screamed. "The thing was almost three thousand years old and you went and destroyed it!"

"I knew there was no lost city," Mike said.

"Wait a minute," Jerry said. "Look!"

Brian and Mike turned around, only to see another temple rise up from out of the ground. The stones were made of solid gold! Mike's jaw dropped. Brian was speechless.

"Wow!" Micky shouted.

"I've nevah seen anything like it!" Samantha shouted.

"Boy the guys are never gonna let me live this down," Brian groaned. "The major discovery of the century and a couple of kids discover it!"

Everybody laughed. Davy called the press and the lost city was front page news. Back in the US, the mayor of LA threw a big bash for the discovery. Catchum, Gosalyn, and Michelle were given medals, since they were the ones who found the lost city in the first place.

"If it weren't for these kids," Brian said. "We'd spend three thousand years just trying to find the silly thing! Okay, enough talk. Let's party!"

"My sediments exactly!" Reggie said, banging his sticks on the drums, and the Mallards launched into "Last Train to Clarksville."

The End