Chasing Rainbows

AUTHOR'S NOTE: My 80's childhood is to blame for this particular piece of fanfic. I'm somewhat of a "Rainbow Brite" fan, and I was watching her movie the other day (determining whether or not to keep the tape), and I was somewhat inspired by it to write this, just to let you know where the idea came from. Also the name "Rainbowlia" came from a story my sister wrote, but got rid of.

It all started in a far away land, known as Rainbowlia. The ruler of the land, Queen Krystal, was sending her crystals to Earth, bringing it color. The source of all the color came from one very large diamond, kept in the center of Rainbowlia. It had a great source of light. All was well and good in Rainbowlia, until Queen Dia came along. She lived in a land far from Rainbowlia, in a dark, dank, and dreary castle. She hated light, and color, but loved diamonds and gems. She had a whole collection of jewels, and wanted the Rainbow Prism.

"It will be the biggest diamond in my collection!" she exclaimed. "I must have it!"

"But you can't have the Rainbow Prism," an old wizard from Rainbowlia, by the name of Orion, said. "If you took it from Rainbowlia, the entire universe . . . . ."

"I don't care," Queen Dia said. "I want that diamond and I want it now! Why should I care what happens to the universe? Guards! Take him away!"

Queen Dia's guards came into the room and proceeded to drag Orion out of the castle. Dia looked over at a jewel sitting on a pedestal. That jewel allowed her to have power, and she also used it to view things in other worlds.

"I always get what I want," she said, as she looked at the Rainbow Prism.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Camille was singing her rendition of Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors" for a club audition. The Discophonics were at that same audition, waiting for their turn to go on.

"This club was supposed to be designed after the Tropicana on I Love Lucy," Reggie commented, looking around.

"Maybe we oughta perform Babalu," Jerry said.

"Babaloooooo!" Mike sang, off key. Reggie and Jerry cracked up. By that time, Camille was finished with her audition, and walked backstage.

"You're up," she said. "And Mike, don't do Babalu. You don't sound good when you do it. Stick to the doo wops."

"Ha, ha," Mike said, sarcastically, and the Discophonics headed out for the stage. They performed an old Four Seasons song ("Big Girls Don't Cry"). The person running the auditions didn't seem very impressed.

"That was . . . . . interesting, boys," he said. "Do you know anything . . . . . recent?"

"Well, we could do 'December Nineteen Sixty-Three'," Jerry suggested.

"No offense boys, but this is supposed to be a club for today's audience."

"Well, they listen to oldies."

"I'm sure. Come back when you pick up something from the eighties or nineties."

The Discophonics left. That was another audition gone down the tubes.

"All people want these days is recent hits," Reggie said. "They don't care about the oldies anymore."

"You're telling me," Jerry said. "I'm half tempted to pack it up and move it out back to Philadelphia. At least there they appreciate the oldies!"

Mike nodded, and he and the other two Discophonics walked over to the Hound Dog for some food. They began to talk about the weather.

"Is it just me, or has winter seemed really long?" Reggie asked.

"Really long," Mike said. "I can't believe it started snowin' here in LA."

"Yeah, it almost never snows here," Jerry replied. "I'm not knocking it, it's just that LA never used to get snow."

"And now it seems we're gettin' it every year," Mike replied. "At least spring's on it's way."

"If it's gonna be spring, it should start acting like it," Reggie said. "After all, today was supposed to be the first day of spring, and it's cold enough for a blizzard!"

"Weirdsville," Mike said. "But I wouldn't think too much of it. March is very weird."

"In like a lion, that's all I gotta tell you," Jerry interjected.

Mike and Reggie agreed and continued walking on. They had seen their share of weird things. To them, this was normal. Although Mike couldn't help feeling a little uneasy about it. His sixth sense was beginning to flare up again. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing, but the whole fact that there was snow on the ground on the first day of spring in Los Angeles, California made him a little uneasy. At any rate, the boys were hanging out inside the Hound Dog, talking about a possible gig.

"I heard there was gonna be a spring festival this weekend," Mike said. "Bob told me about and he told me to tell you about performin' there."

"It's been postponed," Jerry said. "I saw a flyer for it at the supermarket. They're waiting until the weather gets nicer."

"Huh," Reggie said. "I wonder how long that'll take?"

Mike was about to say something, when he happened to glance out the window. Snow began to fall, and it started swirling around. He stared out the window, somewhat in shock.

"Mike?" Jerry asked. "What are you looking at?" Mike didn't answer. He just watched the snow intently.

"I think he's snapped," Reggie said. "Kinda crazy weather, I tell you!"

"I don't even think they were calling for snow," Jerry said. "You want to check this out, Mike?"

"You read my mind," Mike said. "Let's go."

Mike, Reggie, and Jerry left the Hound Dog and walked up to the snow that was swirling around and around. It stopped swirling, and formed into a person. A very short person. Shorter than Davy and Jerry (and they're about as short as you can get!)

"Now I've seen everything," Reggie said.

"Who are you?" Mike asked.

"My name is Friz," the little man said. "I was sent by Queen Krystal of Rainbowlia to find Michael Nesmith."

"That's me," Mike said.

"What do you need him for?" Reggie asked.

"There's no time to explain," Friz said. "We must get to Rainbowlia!"

"Oh sure," Reggie said. "And just how are we gonna do that? Hop on the cross town bus?"

"I've got a faster way," Friz said, pulling a pouch out of his pocket. "Everyone hold on."

Friz reached into the pouch and unearthed some dust. He threw it into the air, and the dust landed on his, Mike, Reggie, and Jerry's heads. Once it landed, they began to fade out until they disappeared completely. A waitress inside the Hound Dog saw the disappearing act, and shook her head.

"I need a vacation," she said.

Within moments, Friz and the Discophonics faded back in, only they weren't in Los Angeles anymore. For one thing, there wasn't any snow on the ground, and there wasn't any smog in the air, either. It was bright and colorful, like a spring day. The colors were very intense as well.

"I take it this is Rainbowlia," Mike said.

"Correct," Friz said. "Come on. I must take you to Queen Krystal."

"I don't get this," Mike said.

"Me neither," Jerry replied.

The boys followed Friz to the palace. They were led directly into the throne room, where Queen Krystal was sitting.

"Here is Michael Nesmith, your highness," Friz said.

"Thank you, Friz," Queen Krystal said. "Mr. Nesmith, I suppose you're wondering why I sent for you."

"The thought had crossed my mind," Mike replied. "Oh, these are Reggie and Jerry. I don't go anywhere without them."

"Oh, your sidekicks."

"No, my friends. So why am I here?"

"Well, you are known around the Other Realm for destroying Mr. Zero. You must have incredible powers."

"Eh, not really. They die out a lot, but yeah, I can get by with the powers I do have."

"Good. The universe is in big trouble, and only you can help."

"It would be somethin' huge."

Mike sighed. He had a feeling he had to save the world again. Reggie and Jerry were downright sick of situations like this.

"Don't look now," Reggie said. "But I think the Writer's in another rut."

Jerry and Mike nodded. Queen Krystal led the Discophonics out of the palace and into the center of Rainbowlia. There was a pedestal with nothing on it.

"This is where the Rainbow Prism used to be," she said. "It was the center of the universe. All the light passed through it and brought spring to Earth."

"I've always wondered how it was done," Jerry said.

"I always thought it had something to do with the rotation of the Earth," Reggie replied. "Live and learn."

"That's the skeptics edition," Krystal replied. "The ones who don't believe in magic. The magic version never really caught on."

"So I've noticed," Mike said. "Tell us more about the Rainbow Prism."

"Well, there's not much more to tell. It's the center of light in the universe, and it was stolen."

"Stolen, huh? Let me guess, you want me to go get it back."


"What happens if we don't get it back?" Reggie asked.

"The entire universe is doomed," Krystal said.

"That can't be good," Jerry said. "Who stole it?"

"Queen Dia," Krystal said. "Well, not really. She sent some of her men to steal it for her. She's real big on diamonds and gems, and the like. That's what the Rainbow Prism is. Just a big diamond."

"Ah ha," Mike said. "I think I know the type. Spoiled rotten from the start, huh?"

"Exactly," Krystal said.

"No sweat," Mike said. "I can handle her. Where do we find her?"

"Well, it's not going to be easy to stop Dia," Krystal said. "She does have magic powers, probably even greater than the prism itself."

"It doesn't matter," Mike said. "I can handle her."

"I admire your spirit, Mr. Nesmith," Krystal said. "But I warn you, the journey is dangerous."

"Bring it on, baby," Mike said.

"You gotta admire his ethics," Jerry said. "But count me in."

"Me too," Reggie said. "The Discophonics are the Three Musketeers."

"All for one and one for all," Jerry replied.

"All right," Krystal said. "You must go through the Enchanted Forest and head for the Gray Zone."

"The Gray Zone?" Mike repeated.

"Dia can't stand color and light," Krystal said. "She lives across the forest, where everything is dark, dank, and dreary. Her goal is to turn the entire world like that."

"Boy, that sounds familiar," Reggie said.

"But Dia isn't the least of your worries," Krystal continued. "You need to be on your toes at all times while you're in the Enchanted Forest. There are hidden dangers there. And you must be extra careful around the Shadow Daemons, Mike."

"Oh, those little twerps that steal magic," Mike said. "I've tangled with them before, and believe me, I can't wait to meet up with them again! I've done a little research on them. I'll be ready for them this time!"

"There's just one thing I want to give you," Krystal said, and she led the boys back to the palace. She took a key out of a drawer, and opened a box on a table. Inside was a red belt, with what looked like a star for a buckle. She handed it to Mike.

"This is a rainbow belt," she said. "It possesses the color and power of a rainbow. When you need it, all you have to do is push the star."

"Gotcha," Mike said, putting on the rainbow belt over his other one. Krystal then handed them a map.

"I think you're ready," she said. "Good luck, and be careful."

"Don't worry we will," Mike said. "We've got my magic to handle the Enchanted Forest."

The Discophonics were off, on yet another adventure. So much was riding on them this time. Instead of just the world, the entire universe was at stake!

"We have to make it back alive on this one, fellas," Mike said. "Or else the universe is doomed."

"What I wouldn't give for the days of crazy fans," Reggie said. "Ripping our clothes off, trying to tear out body parts, that sort of thing."

Jerry agreed. Mike ignored both of them. He agreed with them, but he didn't want to say so. He sort of liked the adventures, even if they got a little monotonous sometimes. At any rate, the Discophonics walked down a path and stopped at a forest. It was dark, and creepy looking. A crow flew overhead, and landed on a nearby tree branch. The leaves were sort of a dark purple color.

"Maybe we oughta find another way to get to Dia's castle," Reggie said.

"The only way to get there is to go through the Enchanted Forest," Mike replied.

"Uhhh," Jerry said. "Are you sure? I mean . . . . well, this place is just kinda creepy and . . . . ."

"You worried about those Shadow Daemons?" Mike asked.

"Kind of."

"Look. I've tangled with them before. They're small and basically harmless, although they have been known to swipe magic."

Jerry nodded. He, Reggie, and Mike walked into the forest, and followed the path. Reggie and Jerry began to panic a little. An owl began to hoot, nearly scaring Reggie and Jerry out of their minds. Mike was ever so calm. He just continued walking. Jerry and Reggie followed, unaware that the three of them were being watched. A figure was hidden in a nearby bush. Mike heard some rustling, and stopped for a minute. Reggie and Jerry did the same and looked at Mike. Mike put his hand to his temple and began looking around.

"Over there," he said, pointing to a bush. "I'm goin' in after whatever's in there. You two cover me."

"Right, Mike," Reggie said.

Reggie and Jerry walked over to the sides of the bush and waited. Mike dove in, and there was a lot of shouting and groaning and the like. Mike emerged with a baby dragon sitting on his shoulder, and licking his face. Mike was laughing over it.

"Hey cut it out!" he shouted, in between laughing.

"What in the world is that?" Reggie asked.

"This?" Mike said. "This is just Sparky. He's an old buddy of mine. You remember that fiasco at Nightmare Castle awhile back?"

"That the one where that nut wanted to plunge the world into eternal darkness?" Jerry asked. "The guy who wanted to use Fluey's energy instead of mine?"

"Yeah, that's the one," Mike continued. "That's where I've tangled with the Shadow Daemons. I didn't have my magic with me durin' that adventure. The Daemons sucked it straight out of me."

"Yeah, okay, I gotcha," Jerry said. Mike nodded and turned to Sparky.

"So Sparky, how've you been doin'?" he asked.

Sparky hiccupped, and a flame shot out of his mouth. Reggie screamed and nearly jumped a mile. Jerry's eyes nearly popped right out of his head! Mike stood there, looking oh so calm.

"That good, huh?" he asked. "Learnin' to breathe fire, eh? How are you at controllin' it?"

"There he goes again," Reggie groaned. "Doing the Dr. Doolittle routine."

Mike ignored his band mate and just listened to what Sparky had to say. Then he nodded.

"Good," he said. "Maybe you can come in handy if we run across somethin' that absolutely can't stand the light. Like a Shadow Daemon. Let's go, guys."

The Discophonics continued walking down the path. Jerry kept glancing around every now and again. He kept getting the feeling that the group was being followed. He quickly shook the feeling, and continued walking. The boys came to a sign after awhile. Mike snapped his fingers and a flashlight appeared in his hand. He turned it on so he could read the sign.

"Beware," he said. "The Enchanted Forest is full of hidden dangers, and not a place for amateur trackers. Watch your step."

The Discophonics definitely had to watch their step. They didn't notice the vine. It had been following the Discophonics since they passed the bush they found Sparky in. The vine wrapped itself around Jerry's ankle as the boys were looking at the sign.

"I wonder what kind of hidden dangers there are?" Reggie asked.

And as if on cue, the vine pulled itself backward, dragging Jerry down to the ground, and dragging him towards the brush.

"Whoa!" he shouted. "Mike!"

"Whoa boy," Mike shouted. He dropped his flashlight immediately. Sparky flew off his shoulder. The Texan Monkee grabbed onto the Geator's hands and pulled backwards.

"Reg! Give me a hand here!" he yelled.

Reggie ran behind Mike and grabbed him around the waist. He began to pull as well. Unfortunately the vine was doing most of the pulling, and it ended up pulling Jerry, Mike, and Reggie towards the brush. Inside the brush was a huge plant. The pod opened to reveal what looked like a gigantic mouth. The Discophonics screamed.

"Zap the vine, Mike! Zap the vine!" Reggie shouted.

"Hurry!" Jerry screamed.

Mike made a face and zapped the vine with his magic. It snapped off, but wrapped itself around Jerry's ankle once again, and continued to pull. Mike kept zapping it, but the vine just kept wrapping itself around Jerry's leg, and pulling harder.

"This isn't workin'!" Mike shouted. "We need somethin' with a little more juice!"

"Yeah, but where are we gonna get more juice?!" Reggie yelled.

Mike didn't know the answer to that one. Luckily, he didn't need to think of one. Sparky came flying through the air. He took a deep breath, and blew his flames out at the vine. The vine broke off, and then slunk back to the pod. The pod closed, and buried itself in the ground. Jerry quickly untangled the remaining vines from his legs and stood up.

"Wow," he said. "That was a close one!"

"I forgot about that," Mike said. "Durin' the Nightmare Castle adventure, a plant like that ate my motorcycle."

"It ate your motorcycle?!" Reggie shouted.


"Only in America."

Reggie walked forward. Mike and Jerry looked at each other, shrugged, and walked on. Sparky took his perch on Mike's shoulder. Mike held the flashlight up and continued looking around.

"I hope you guys know what we're looking for," Reggie said.

"Not me," Jerry said. "I wasn't with Mike when he encountered the Shadow Daemons the first time."

"Yeah, I was on my own," Mike said. "And it was a different forest. I guess creepy forests are the same no matter what world you live in."

"Agreed," Reggie replied. "I just hope we find Dia and the Rainbow Crystal soon. This place gives me the creeps. And I'd hate to encounter a Shadow Daemon!"

As the boys continued walking around, a black streak whizzed past them. WHOOSH!

"What in the world was that?!" Jerry shouted.

The black streak came by again, and finally stopped. There was a tiny shadow standing there.

"What the?" Reggie asked.

"It's a Shadow Daemon," Mike said.

"That's a Shadow Daemon?" Reggie asked. "You must be joking!"

"From the way you guys talked about 'em, I was expecting something huge," Jerry said. "Actually, it's kinda cute."

"About as cute as a baby barracuda," Mike said. "They're more dangerous than they look. Move aside, tiny. We've got work to do. Besides, I'm onto your tricks. You won't steal my magic again, you little twerp."

"You can't talk to me like that!" the Shadow Daemon said. "Be nice or you'll be sorry!"

"Oh puh-leeze," Reggie groaned.

"Guys," Mike said. "They're not as cute and harmless as they look. Don't forget they stole my magic once."

"Okay," Jerry said. "They may be dangerous, but why can't we just step on it?"

With that, Jerry slammed his foot down on the Shadow Daemon. When he lifted it, the Shadow Daemon began to cry and whimper.

"I'm gonna tell my big brother on yoooouuu!" he shouted, and streaked off.

The Discophonics just stood there. Then they started to laugh, Mike included.

"Like it's big brother's gonna do anythin' to us," Mike said.

"Really," Reggie said. "Come on, let's go."

The Discophonics started to walk off, not worrying a bit about the Shadow Daemons. Unfortunately, the Shadow Daemon Jerry had stepped on had returned, and he appeared only to be the smallest of the Shadow Daemons. As it turned out, there were a bunch of bigger ones.

"That's them!" the little Daemon shouted. "Those are the guys who were being mean to me! And the tall one's got magic!"

The Shadow Daemons took to the air. They spotted the Discophonics and began their attack.

"Hey!" Reggie shouted, taking a swat at one.

"Oh no, not again!" Mike yelled, and he bopped one with a flashlight.

"Don't zap at them, Mike!" Jerry shouted. "You're battery's likely to go dead that way!"

"That's what they want me to do," Mike said. "But I'm onto them. They won't get my magic that easy!"

Mike, Reggie, and Jerry began smacking at the Shadow Daemons, trying to get rid of them, but the shadows were relentless. Mike and Reggie managed to ditch them, but for Jerry, it was another story. He kept trying to push them away, but they kept coming at him, until he was surrounded. Mike had no choice but to zap at them. The moved away for a moment, but then regrouped, surrounding Jerry again.

"I've never seen Shadow Daemons like this before," Mike said.

A low roar was heard then. Mike and Reggie looked, and saw a giant shadow creature. It was the biggest shadow Mike had ever seen in his life. Mike panicked. Reggie grabbed the flashlight and turned it on. The Shadow Daemons screamed and scattered. Mike grabbed Jerry by the shoulders and pulled him backwards.

"Are you all right?" he asked.

"Fine," Jerry said. "Man, what was that they were doing?"

"I don't know," Mike said. "Maybe they work for Dia and she knows we're comin'."

"They're trying to discourage us, that's for sure," Reggie said. "Look, they're coming back!"

Mike looked around for something (other than his magic) to throw at the Shadow Daemons. There were large rocks where the Discophonics were standing, so he picked one up and hurled it at the Shadow Daemons. Reggie and Jerry followed suit and began tossing the rocks at the shadows as hard as they could. That didn't keep them blocked off forever. The big shadow kept sending the Daemons at the Discophonics. Reggie ran over to Sparky, and picked him up.

"Okay Sparky!" he shouted. "Do your thing!"

Sparky nodded, took a deep breath, and shot a flame out of his mouth. The flame provided enough light for the Shadow Daemons to be driven crazy. A great wind appeared from out of nowhere and began sucking the Shadow Daemons into oblivion. The large Shadow Daemon didn't want to give up that easy. He struggled against the suction.

"Hey, Reg! Good thinkin'!" Mike called.

"I just hope it manages to suck them all up," Jerry said. "Man, look at them go!"

"It's just that big one I'm worried about," Reggie said. "What happens if the suction doesn't take him in?"

"Then I'm just gonna have to cut him down to size!" Mike shouted.

Mike snapped his fingers, and a beam of bright white light shot out of nowhere. Reggie and Jerry shielded their eyes. They were nearly blinded! THe Shadow Daemon screeched in agony, and shrank. Then he was sucked into oblivion with the rest of the Daemons.

"That takes care of that," Mike said. "Come on, guys, we've got work to do."

The Discophonics started back towards the Enchanted Forest, all the way to the Gray Zone. Sparky went with them, to fight off the other dangers with his fire. The Discophonics finally made it through the forest, and ended up at the Gray Zone. They saw Queen Dia's castle, and to get to it, they would have to cross a bridge over a steep cliff.

"Come on, fellas," Mike said. "It's too late to turn back now."

"Unfortunately," Reggie muttered.

The Discophonics began crossing the bridge. Queen Dia and her captain of the guards, Sergeant Neil, watched them through a window.

"Intruders, your majesty," Sergeant Neil said. Queen Dia glared at the Discophonics.

"I didn't invite anyone," she said. "Unexpected company never bring good presents!"

Queen Dia continued to watch the boys walk up to the front gate. Mike examined the door and watched it for a long time.

"It'll take all my magic to blow down the door," he said. "It's a guarantee short in the system."

"What about the belt?" Jerry asked.

"Hey, good thinkin'," Mike said. He backed up, and pressed the star on the rainbow belt. A rainbow shot out of it, and smashed down the door. Dia was impressed.

"That belt is fabulous," she said. "It'll match my red dress perfectly! I must have it! Bring those three boys to me!"

"At once, your majesty," Sergeant Neil said.

The Discophonics walked along the hallways. None of them knew what they were looking for. Mike was using his sixth sense to guide him through the castle, at least until the guards arrived. The Discophonics stopped in their tracks.

"Uh oh," Reggie said.

"Back, you savages!" Mike yelled. "Back I say! Back, or I'll . . . ."

"We've come to take you to Queen Dia," Sergeant Neil said. "So cooperate, or else."

"Let's do this the easy way, Mike," Jerry said.

"Okay, sure," Mike said, and he, Jerry, and Reggie followed the guards to Queen Dia's throne room.

Mike glanced around the throne room. He seemed to be looking for something. He spied Dia's power jewel on the pedestal, and the Rainbow Prism in the corner. Dia walked over to the three boys.

"Did you bring me a present?" she asked.

"Spoiled brat alert," Reggie mumbled. Jerry heard him and nodded in agreement.

"Are you kiddin'?" Mike asked.

"I just love that belt," Dia said. "Give it to me. It's the perfect accessory."

"No way!"

"I'll just take it then."

Dia walked over to her power jewel and waved her hands around it. Some kind of strange electricity shot out of it and surrounded Mike. The Texan Monkee was ready, though. He pushed the star on the belt and the rainbow surrounded him, keeping him away from the electricity. Then the rainbow began to push the electricity back. Dia put more power into it, and Mike put more power into the rainbow.

"This is our chance," Jerry said to Reggie. "While Mike distracts her royal brattiness, you and I can grab the Rainbow Prism!"

"Right," Reggie said, nodding.

Jerry and Reggie snuck over to the corner of the room. Dia didn't notice them. She was too busy trying to beat Mike. Jerry picked up the Rainbow Prism and then made a mad dash for the door. Reggie followed. Mike saw them out of the corner of his eye, and added his witch magic to the rainbow. That knocked Dia off her feet.

"No fair!" Dia shouted. "I'm supposed to win!"

Dia looked up and saw that Jerry had his hands on the Rainbow Prism. She was outraged.

"My diamond!" she shouted. "Give it back to me! It's mine!"

"Mike, catch!" Jerry shouted , throwing the Rainbow Prism just as Dia tackled Jerry to the ground.

"Got it!" Mike yelled. "Heads up, Reggie!"

Mike threw the Rainbow Prism to Reggie. Dia growled and ran for him. Reggie threw it back to Jerry. It was a game of Monkey in the Middle, and Dia didn't appreciate the Discophonics making a monkey out of her. Mike threw the prism to Reggie, and finally figured out a way to keep Dia occupied while, he, Reggie, and Jerry made their escape. He snapped his fingers, and threw a piece of his magic out at the power jewel. It smashed to pieces.

"Nooooo!" Dia shouted. "Not my power!"

"Smooth one, Mike," Reggie said, handing the Rainbow Prism to his comrade.

"Thank you," Mike said.

Then without warning, the palace began to shake. The ceiling started to crack, and the walls starting falling down.

"What is this? Jericho?" Reggie asked.

"I don't know, and I don't care!" Jerry shouted. "Let's just get outta here!"

The Discophonics began to run off, trying to avoid getting hit with the falling pieces of castle. That was a lot easier said than done. Large pieces of the roof that were the size of boulders were crashing all around them. They had to do a lot of climbing. The boys were getting cut off from each other as well, and none of them noticed! They were too intent on getting out of the cave in alive, with the Rainbow Prism. Finally, the whole palace came crashing to the ground in a heap. CRASH!

Mike managed to get out of the mess with the Rainbow Prism intact. He caught his breath and looked over at the mess. Sparky flew over to him and sat on his shoulder.

"Boy, I sure hope Jerry and Reggie made it out of that mess alive!" he shouted.

"I don't know about Jerry," Reggie said, running over. "But I just got out. Barely! Did you get the prism?"

"Yeah, I got it. But what about Jerry?"

"I don't know. I hope he got out."

"Well, I was catapulted from the mess when the walls came a-tumblin' down. Maybe Jerry was too."

"Yeah, I don't think he could possibly be under that mess. Come on. Let's go look for him. Besides, my sixth sense ain't twingin'. He's probably fine."

"If you call being buried in a pile of rocks fine," Jerry said, climbing out. "But at least we've got the prism."

"Right," Mike said. "Come on. Back to Rainbowlia."

Back at what was left of the castle, Queen Dia and Seargent Neil were climbing out of the rubble. Queen Dia was complaining about the whole thing.

"It's not fair!" she shouted. "They stole my diamond and wrecked my palace! I want my diamond back!"

"But there's no way to get it back," Sergeant Neil said. "They're long gone with the prism."

Dia was about to say something, when she suddenly came up with an idea.

"I know how to get my diamond back," she said. "I'll set a trap for them! At midnight!"

Queen Dia started to laugh, as she told Seargent Neil what she wanted. The two of them went down to a path and created a large hole. They covered it with leaves and branches. The Discophonics wouldn't suspect a thing.

Midnight rolled around. The boys were trying to find their way out of the Gray Zone and back to Rainbowlia Sparky flew overhead, looking around for the guards, in case Dia was looking for them. He blew a small flame out of his nostrils so they could see.

"It's like a maze in here," Jerry said.

"Don't I know it," Reggie said. "Come on. Let's get going."

The boys continued on. Reggie and Mike were in the lead, and Jerry was following a few steps behind them, covering them. Mike and Reggie slowly came to the pit, and Mike's sixth sense began to twinge a little.

"Hey, Reg," Mike said, putting his hand on Reggie's shoulder.

"What?" Reggie asked, just as he and Mike stepped onto the leaves and tree branches. The second they stepped on, they fell into the pit.

"Whoooaaaaa!" they shouted as they fell.

Mike ended up throwing the Rainbow Prism into the air as he fell, and it landed (remarkably) right outside the pit. Dia laughed and picked it up.

"I think this is a trap," Mike sighed, finishing his thought.

"Aw man," Reggie groaned.

"I knew you'd fall for that one, Nesmith," Dia said. "It certainly was a trap! Now I got my diamond back!"

"Not if I can help it!" Jerry shouted. Jerry rushed Dia, trying to make a grab for the Prism. He got his hands around it and began pulling it away from the spoiled queen.

"Let go of my diamond!" Dia shouted, pulling back.

"It's not your diamond!" Jerry yelled.

"You want it, you can have it!"

Dia thrust the diamond forward, causing Jerry to lose his balance. He fell backwards into the pit. Mike managed to catch him before he hit the ground.

"Thanks, Mike," Jerry said.

"No sweat," Mike said. "That's what I'm here for."

"Now isn't this nice?" Dia said. "Discophonics of a feather sticking together."

Dia laughed hysterically. Mike glared at her, and pressed the star on his belt. A rainbow came shooting out and blasted at Dia, but she sidestepped it, and pulled some sort of remote control out of her pocket.

"That reminds me," she said. "I still need my belt."

Dia pressed the button on her remote control and aimed it at Mike's waist. The rainbow belt started to come loose. Mike pressed the star on it to try to block off Dia's remote, but it wasn't any use. The belt came off and flew straight into Dia's hand. Mike couldn't zap her. His battery had run dead again.

"I knew I should've recharged it before we left LA," he said.

"So long, boys," Dia laughed, walking off. "Have fun down there in that pit. I hope you like it, because you're never getting out! That'll keep you out of the way for awhile. I've got bigger fish to fry."

Dia disappeared then. Reggie was about ready to throttle her, if he could get out of that pit. He just sighed, and turned to Jerry.

"What did she mean by that?" he asked.

"It can only mean one thing," Mike said. "Prisma."

"What's Prisma?" Reggie asked.

"It's a planet that works a lot like the Rainbow Prism. It works together with it. If both are put into Dia's collection, then the universe is completely destroyed. We've got to get out of this pit and stop her! I don't know how we're gonna do it, though. My battery's dead, and the only other way to get out would to use the rainbow belt, but she's got it."

"We could try to climb out," Jerry said. "Reggie, you get up on Mike's shoulders, and then I'll get up on your shoulders. Maybe we can get out that way."

"Worth a shot," Reggie said, shrugging.

Mike got down on his hands and knees so Reggie could get up on him. Once he was on the Monkee's shoulders, Mike started to stand up straight. Reggie was having a hard time keeping his balance. He held onto the wall for support. Mike grabbed hold of Reggie's feet to steady him.

"I've heard of a monkey on my back," Mike said. "But a Mallard on my back?"

"Well, you're the tallest," Reggie said, shrugging. "Okay, Jer, come on up!"

Jerry took a deep breath, and grabbed Mike's hand. Jerry jumped up and managed to climb onto Mike's shoulder. Then he started to climb up to Reggie's shoulders, with a little help. Reggie hoisted Jerry onto his shoulders. Mike was a little unsteady, though.

"Easy, Jerry!" he shouted. "You guys are heavy!"

"Sorry," Jerry said, shrugging. He managed to climb on top of Reggie's shoulders. Reggie squeezed Jerry's feet and bit his lower lip.

"Well?" he asked.

"Oh no," Jerry moaned.

"What's the matter?" Mike asked.

"I'm too short!" Jerry shouted. "I can't even begin to reach the top!"

"Great," Reggie groaned.

"Swell," Mike said. "Now how do we get outta here?"

"Wait, I have an idea," Reggie said. "Jerry, stand on the palms of my hands!"

"You gotta be kidding!" Mike shouted.

"No, really," Reggie said. "Jerry, stand on my hands, and I'll stretch my arms as far as they can go."

"Are you sure you can hold me?" Jerry asked.

"Yeah, you only weight about a hundred and fifteen pounds," Reggie said. "I bench press more than that!"

"Okay," Jerry said, a little uncertainly.

Reggie let go of Jerry's feet and held his palms up. Jerry bit his lower lip and stepped onto them. Reggie groaned, and slowly raised his arms into the air as high as they would go. Jerry shook his head.

"It's no use," he said. "I'm still too short."

"Well, maybe if I got on Mike's hands, and he stretched his arms up . . . ." Reggie said.

"No!" Mike yelled. "I may be able to do it with just Jerry, but I'll never be able to hold the two of you! Jer, why don't you jump for the top?"

"Are you kidding?" Jerry asked. "It's gotta be at least ten feet up from where I am now!"

"Well, now what are we gonna do?" Mike asked.

"Uhhh," Jerry said, nervously. "Fall!"

Jerry was beginning to wobble back and forth. Reggie's arms were shaking. He didn't know how much longer he could hold Jerry up like that. He was also beginning to lose his balance. Mike was beginning to panic. Since both Reggie and Jerry were wobbling, he began wobbling, too! Jerry lost his balance completely and fell, and since Reggie was holding onto him, and Mike was holding onto Reggie, all three Discophonics fell flat on their backs, although since Mike was on the bottom, it didn't hurt that much.

"Sorry, guys," Mike said.

"My fault," Jerry said, rubbing the back of his head. "I completely lost my balance."

"Same here," Reggie said.

"You guys okay?" Mike asked.

"Never better," Reggie said. "I think I just broke my back, though. And my arm. And my leg. And my neck, and my . . . ."

"Don't pay any attention to him, Mike," Jerry said, tweaking Reggie's beak shut. "We're both fine."

"We'd be a lot better if we could get out of here," Mike said. "One of us needs to sprout a pair of wings so we can fly out."

"Fat chance of that happening," Reggie said.

Mike and Jerry nodded in agreement. The Discophonics looked up at the opening and sighed. They were stuck. They knew they'd get out once Mike's battery recharged, but who knew how long that was going to take. As they were waiting, they heard some kind of snorting sound.

"What the heck is that?" Reggie asked.

"I don't know," Mike said. "But I've got a pretty good idea."

The boys looked up and saw Sparky sniffing around at the pit. Mike breathed of relief.

"Thank goodness for Sparky!" Reggie shouted. "Now we can get outta here!"

"Hold it," Mike said. "Sparky's just a baby. He can't fly us out of here."

"But he can get the rainbow belt back," Jerry said.

"Precisely what I was thinkin', Jerry my man," Mike said. "Hey Sparky! Go inside whatever's left of Dia's castle, and get my belt back!"

Sparky saluted, and flew off.

"Are you sure he can do this, Mike?" Reggie asked.

"Positive," Mike replied. "We'll be outta here in no time flat."

Reggie and Jerry hoped Mike was right about that. Sparky flew through a window of the palace, and sniffed around. He caught Mike's scent coming from Dia's bedroom. She was brushing her hair, preparing for her trip to retrieve Prisma. She saw Sparky fly in through her mirror, and screamed.

"THERE'S A GIANT LIZARD IN MY ROOM!" she shrieked. Sergeant Neil ran in.

"You bellowed?" he asked.

"You let a lizard in my room!" Dia yelled.

Sparky took a deep breath, and shot flames out at Dia and Sergeant Neil. Dia let out another extremely loud scream.

"It's a fire breathing lizard!" she yelled. "Get it out of here!"

"Oh come on," Sergeant Neil groaned. "It's just a little bitty baby dragon! He wouldn't hurt a fly!"

Sparky grabbed the rainbow belt and flew off. Dia screamed again.

"He's stolen my belt!" she yelled. "Get it back! Get it back!"

Sergeant Neil shrugged, and started after Sparky. Sparky flew out a window, and Sergeant Neil followed, and fell. He landed flat on his face. Dia wasn't happy. Sparky flew back to the pit, and threw the belt into it. Mike caught it, put it on, and pressed the star. A rainbow flew out of it, and acted like an escalator. The Discophonics were out of the pit.

"Come on," Mike said. "We've got to stop Dia from stealin' Prisma, and get the Rainbow Prism back to Rainbowlia."

"Easier said than done," Reggie said. "Look."

"What?" Mike asked. He and Jerry turned around, and saw that the Discophonics were face to face with Dia.

"I want that belt," she said.

"Oh, Sparky!" Mike called. Sparky flew over and perched himself on Mike's shoulder.

"Don't come any closer unless you wanna be fricasseed," the Texan warned.

"You may have destroyed the source of my power," Dia said. "But I still have some left in this crystal!"

Dia held out a blue crystal on a chain and swung it back and forth. A light came out of it and surrounded the Discophonics and Sparky.

"Hold on, fellas," Mike said. "Somethin' tells me we're in for a wild ride!"

Dia laughed. The Discophonics then disappeared in the lights. They reappeared at the top of a steep cliff, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a lake of some kind.

"Where are we now?" Reggie asked.

"No idea," Mike said. "But we've got to get back to the Gray Zone, or find a way to Prisma."

"I think it'd be easier to get to the Gray Zone," Jerry said. "That way, we can stowaway with Dia when she goes to collect."

"But we'd have to get back there first," Mike said. "Sparky, start flyin'. We'll catch up to you a little later."

Sparky nodded, and began flying. Mike pushed the star on the belt, and a rainbow came out of it, acting as a flying carpet. Mike, Reggie, and Jerry climbed onto it, and they were off. Mike's psyches were starting to work again, so he guided the carpet along. The boys had no idea they were being watched though, from underneath the murky waters that surrounded the cliffs. A large, green, scaly tale popped out of the water, and slammed into the rainbow carpet, shaking it up a little.

"Whoa-oa-oa!" Reggie shouted.

"Steady there, fella," Mike said.

"Easy, Mike!" Jerry yelled.

The tail went back down into the water, and caused one gigantic splash. It smacked the carpet from underneath, and caused some great turbulence. The Discophonics did their best to hold on. Mike dug his fingers into the carpet, and Reggie braced against Mike. Jerry was about to brace against Reggie, but that tail came up out of the water, and splashed back in. Another splash hit the carpet. Jerry lost his balance and fell off the carpet, straight towards the water.

"Whoa, hold it there!" Mike shouted, grabbing onto Jerry's wrist.

"Don't let go, Mike! Whatever you do, don't let go!" Jerry shouted.

Mike just groaned, and tried to pull Jerry back onto the carpet, but that was easier said than done. The tail came up again, and slammed into the carpet. That was the blow that did it. Mike and Reggie were thrown overboard as well, and all three Discophonics hit the water. KER-SPLASH! Reggie emerged first, followed by Jerry. They coughed and spat the murky water out of their mouths.

"Eeewwww," Reggie groaned.

"Oh, yeeeccchhh," Jerry said. "Disgusting. Ew, ick, yuck, blecch! Hey . . . . hey, what happened to Mike?"

"I don't know," Reggie said. "Mike! Hey Mike!"

"Mike, where are you?!" Jerry called. "Mike!"

Jerry and Reggie continued calling for Mike. He was nowhere to be found. Reggie and Jerry swam around, calling Mike's name over and over. Finally, they saw some bubbles coming up from a spot of water.

"Gotta be Mike," Reggie said. "Come on!"

Reggie and Jerry swam over to the bubbles, and were about to dive underneath the water, when something huge came up. It was a giant frog-like creature, with a long tail, and sharp teeth. Reggie and Jerry were too freaked out even to move. They just floated there, staring at the creature, wide eyed and slack jawed. The creature growled, and grabbed Reggie in one hand and Jerry in the other.

"What do we do now?!" Reggie shouted.

"Only one thing, my pal," Jerry said.


"What else? HELP!"

Reggie started screaming as well. Both of them were making a great deal of noise as the frog creature swam off with them.

"Where's Mike when we need him?" Reggie asked.

"I don't know," Jerry said, shaking his head. "But wherever he is, I don't think he can hear us."

Reggie nodded, but he and Jerry continued to scream at the top of their lungs anyway, hoping they would attract some attention, also wondering what in the world happened to Mike. Well, Mike had been washed up on a nearby shore. He was just coming to his senses. Indeed, he couldn't hear Reggie and Jerry very well, but his sixth sense was telling him they were in trouble. He stood up and looked at the water.

"I'd better get started swimmin' this thing," he said, and dove into the water.

Mike swam around for awhile, until his sixth sense told him something was following him. He turned around, and out popped another frog creature. It growled and began lunging for Mike.

"Yeeee-iiiikes!" Mike screamed, and swam into a cave. The frog creature followed him. Mike realized the entire cave was filled with those creatures.

"Oh man!" he shouted. "Out of the fryin' pan and into the fire!"

Mike snapped his fingers and jet propelled himself to shore. The frog creatures growled and followed him. Mike tried to use the rainbow belt to stop them from coming, but it needed a recharge, just like his battery had. He was really in for it now. The frog creatures loomed closer, closer, and ever closer.

"I'm dead meat!" he shouted.

"Quickly!" a voice called out. "That pouch over there!"

Mike looked over and saw a stalagmite. An old man was busy crawling up the side of it, trying to escape an impending frog creature. Mike ran over to a pouch nearby and opened it. Inside were small, colorful stars.

"What are these?" he asked.

"Star crystals," the old man said. "Throw them at the Swamp Toads!"

"Swamp Toads? Oh, the frogs! Got it!"

Mike flung the star crystals at the Swamp Toad that was coming after him. The crystals surrounded the Swamp Toad in an array of colors, before finally exploding into sparkles of dust. Mike grabbed some more star crystals and threw them at the Swamp Toads crawling up the stalagmite. They were surrounded in color, and blown into sparkles as well. Mike snapped his fingers, and a board appeared from nowhere. The old man jumped down onto it, and ran to the other side of the shore, where Mike was standing.

"Thank you," he said.

"You're welcome," Mike said. "Now who are you?"

"I'm Orion, Michael. And I'm glad you arrived when you did."

"How do you know me?"

"I was the one who alerted Queen Krystal, and I told her to send someone for you. You must stop Queen Dia from getting her hands on Prisma."

"I'm tryin', but that's gonna be easier said than done. At least the rainbow belt and my magic are doin' their job."

"Yes, but I'm afraid you're going to need something else to defeat Dia. You'll need this."

Orion pulled a small ball on a chain out of his pocket and handed it to Mike.

"What's this?" Mike asked.

"A little extra light," Orion said. "You'll know when to use it, but you must be within the light of the Rainbow Prism and Prisma. Now come quickly! We're wasting time."

Mike was about to run after Orion when suddenly, his sixth sense began twinging. He stopped abruptly, and put his hand to the side of his head and concentrated. He got a vision of Reggie and Jerry at the mercy of the Swamp Toads. The two of them were wrapped in seaweed, and about to be swallowed whole.

"Jerry and Reggie," Mike said. "I can't leave them here to be Swamp Toad snacks!"

"But Dia and Prisma . . . ." Orion said.

"No, that can wait. I'm not leavin' my friends! I'm goin' after them!"

Mike grabbed a handful of star crystals and jammed them in his pocket. He used his psyches to lead him to Jerry and Reggie. The Swamp Toads were about ready to feast on them. Reggie and Jerry writhed like worms, trying to break loose, but it wasn't any use.

"I feel like a piece of sushi," Reggie groaned.

"Oh, where's Mike when we need him?" Jerry moaned, as the Swamp Toad picked him up. The creature opened his mouth and was about to drop Jerry inside, when suddenly, the Toad and his cohorts were surrounded in a wild array of colors, and then blown to dust. Jerry had been in midair when the Toads exploded, and he landed right back into the water. He came up for air and let out a loud gasp.

"Mike!" he shouted.

"Sorry," Mike said, coming over. He took out his Eagle Scout's knife and cut the seaweed off. Then he climbed up the cliff to free Reggie.

"I should've waited until you were on solid ground," he said. "But it was now or never."

"I appreciate it," Jerry said.

"Yeah, Mike, that was too close," Reggie said.

"Yeah, you were nearly Swamp Toad Sushi," Mike replied. "Come on, we'd better get out of here before more of our scaly friends show up."

Mike raised his hands into the air, and blasted the Discophonics through the ceiling of the cavern. They met Orion there.

"I can get you back to the Gray Zone at the speed of light," he told them. "I will meet you on Prisma. You must stop Dia at all costs."

"Right," Mike said. "Fire when ready, Orion."

Orion took out another star crystal and threw it at the Discophonics. They were surrounded in a wild array of colors, like the Swamp Toads, but instead of being blown into sparkles of dust, they were taken right back to the Gray Zone. Sergeant Neil was loading minerals into a space ship. Queen Dia was standing next to him, watching the action.

"Uh oh," Jerry said. "We'd better hide before they spot us!"

"In the ship," Mike said. "We'll be able to stop her easier that way!"

Mike, Jerry, and Reggie ducked into the ship as fast as they could. It was the moment of truth. Queen Dia looked at her ship.

"So what are those spider legs for?" she asked.

"So you can intercept Prisma," Sergeant Neil said.

"They're not throwing diamonds into the fuel tank, are they?"

"No, they're using worthless minerals."

"Oh well. It doesn't matter, just so long as I get my diamond."

Dia climbed into her ship, carrying the Rainbow Prism with her. She wasn't going to leave it behind, just in case someone arrived to take it from her. She sat down in the pilot's seat, and started the ship up. Mike, Reggie, and Jerry braced themselves against each other as they took off. It wasn't a long flight to Prisma. They reached it in a matter of minutes. There was a large net surrounding it, so Dia could use the spider legs on her ship to grab it easier.

"What do we do now, Mike?" Reggie asked.

"Steer this ship away from Prisma," Mike said. "Jerry, you grab her, Reggie, you grab the Rainbow Prism, and I'll do the drivin'."

"Right," Reggie and Jerry said in unison.

The Discophonics stood up, and snuck over to the driving area. Dia was about to maneuver the spider legs to grab the net, when she was grabbed from behind. She let out a scream, and Jerry quickly clamped his hand over her mouth, and pulled her away from the controls.

"Better hurry, Mike!" he shouted. "I don't know how long I can hold her down!"

Mike grabbed the controls and pulled away from Prisma. Dia began to scream. Jerry just increased his grip on her.

"Reggie, grab the Rainbow Prism and let's jet back to Rainbowlia!" Mike shouted.

"You got it, Mike," Reggie said. And he picked up the prism. Dia growled, and managed to bite Jerry on the hand as hard as she could.

"Yeow!" he shouted as he let go of Dia.

"Why you little rat!" she shouted at Mike, and lunged for him. Mike ducked and pulled the controls towards him as hard as he could. The ship jerked upward, and Reggie, Jerry, and Dia were thrown to the back of the ship.

"Hey, watch it, Mike!" Reggie shouted. He picked up the Rainbow Prism and walked back up to the cockpit.

"Sorry," Mike said, shrugging. "Sit down and fasten your seat belt. We're in for a bumpy ride!"

Mike and Reggie sat down and buckled their seat belts. Jerry stood up and shook his head to regain his senses. He was about to walk up to the cockpit when Dia clapped her hand over his mouth and yanked him backwards.

"I'll show you, and your friends!" she shouted, and punched a button on the wall. A door opened, and it drew the attention of Mike and Reggie. They turned around to look.

"Turn this ship back around!" she shouted. "Or else I'll throw your friend overboard!"

"You wouldn't dare!" Mike yelled.

"I would, and I will!" Dia shouted. "Now turn it back around!"

"Fine," Mike said, edgily.

"Mike, are you nuts?!" Jerry shouted.

"Jerry, shut up," Mike replied. "You'll live longer."

Jerry just gave Mike a strange look. Mike glared at Dia out of the corner of his eye, and waited until her hands were off Jerry, and turned the ship sharply. Dia nearly fell out of the open door. She screamed, and crawled back in. She shut the door, and stormed over towards Mike.

"You did that on purpose!" she yelled.

"I do everythin' on purpose," Mike replied, smugly.

"I'll deal with you three later," Dia said. "I have a diamond to get!"

Mike backed up at let Dia take the controls. He grabbed Reggie's and Jerry's arms and pulled them towards the back of the ship.

"When we get to Prisma, open the door, and jump out," he said. "Leave the Rainbow Prism here. I might need it."

"What for?" Jerry asked.

"Just trust me, guys," Mike said.

Reggie and Jerry shrugged, and nodded. Dia brought her ship closer and closer to Prisma, wanting a good, close look at it before she grabbed it with her ship. Once the ship was close enough, Mike punched the button, and the door opened. Reggie and Jerry jumped out. Mike pushed the star on the rainbow belt, and the rainbow brought Reggie and Jerry down safely on Prisma.

"Now to take care of Dia," Mike said.

Dia swung her ship backwards. She started to back into Prisma, when she noticed the net that was around it was suddenly disappearing.

"What in the world?" she asked.

On Prisma, Jerry, Reggie, Orion, and Sparky were busy cutting up the net, and peeling it off. Sparky burned it off, actually. Dia wasn't happy.

"I'll still have it!" she shouted. "It's my diamond!"

"It's not your diamond!" Mike yelled. "If you take that planet for your own, the universe is history!"

"Who cares?! I always get what I want!"

"Yeah, well, you can't always have what you want!"

"Who says I can't?!"

"I do!"

Mike shot his magic out at the ship's controls. The ship managed to swerve back into Prisma. If they crashed, the planet would shatter into a thousand pieces. Mike looked out the window, and then grabbed the ball Orion had given him. He yanked it open and held it up at the window. A light from Prisma passed through it, as well as a light from the Rainbow Prism. The great light then ran smack into Dia.

"Not the light!" she yelled. "Noooooo!"

The entire ship began to rumble. Mike had to leave the ball on the controls and jumped out of the ship. He used the rainbow belt to lower him to Prisma easy. Dia wanted to dive out herself, but it was too late for her! The minute Mike landed on Prisma, Dia's ship exploded. KABLAM! All that was left was a pile of dust. The Rainbow Prism floated slowly into Mike's hands.

"Mission accomplished," he said.

Orion brought the entire group back to Rainbowlia. Mike gave the prism back to Queen Krystal.

"I think you won't have anymore problems with it," he said.

"Thank you for all you've done," Queen Krystal said. "You boys saved the universe."

"That's what we're here for," Mike said. He suddenly felt something slam into the back of his neck. He looked around and saw Sparky.

"Hiya, Sparky!" he shouted. "We never coulda done it without you, fella!"

Krystal laughed, and waved her hands around, and lights surrounded Mike, Reggie, and Jerry's necks. When the light subsided, there were medals of honor around the boys' necks.

"We don't deserve these," Mike said.

"Of course you do," Krystal said. "You not only saved our world, but yours as well."

Friz opened a door then. Inside was a gold light.

"You'd better get back home," Friz said. "It's getting late."

Mike, Reggie, and Jerry walked through the door, and were immediately transported back to Los Angeles. The snow had melted, the sun was out, and it was a warm, spring day. The Discophonics stood there, looked at each other, and smiled.

"All's well that ends well," Mike said, patting Sparky on the back. "Let's go, you guys."

"Where?" Reggie asked.

"To check out that spring festival sight and set up an audition!"

Mike ran off. Reggie and Jerry looked at each other, laughed, and ran off after Mike as well.

The End