"Some Like it Lukewarm"

"Some Like it Lukewarm" is one of my favorite episodes from the show (for obvious reasons). It ties with "Fairy Tale" as my favorite episode. I just wanted to do a tribute to this one.

WARNING! This page is very pic heavy!


SYNOPSIS 1: "For SOME LIKE IT LUKEWARM, Davy dons a wig and dress for a mixed gender Rock-A-Thon contest hosted by none other than KXIW-TV personality Jerry Blavat. Two songs-"The Door Into Summer" and "She Hangs Out"- from The Monkees' fourth album, Picses, Aquarius, Capricorn, and Jones Ltd., are featured. Also, Davy Jones sings his unreleased composition, "Girl Named Love" during a lesson on soul rhythm taught by his friend, Charlie Smalls (composer of The Wiz)."
-from the back of video 9 from the Rhino Video Box Set

SYNOPSIS 2: "With the lure of $500 prize, Davy dons a wig and dress to qualify the group for KXIW-TV's mixed gender "rockathon" contest. The songs "The Door Into Summer" and "She Hangs Out" are featured from the Monkees' fourth and final #1 album, Picses, Aquarius, Capricorn, and Jones Ltd. Also, Davy Jones sings his unreleased composition, "Girl Named Love" during a lesson on soul rhythm taught by his friend, Charlie Smalls (composer of The Wiz)."
-from the booklet that came with the Rhino Video Box Set


Davy, Micky, and Mike head over to KXIW-TV to apply for the Rock-A-Thon contest, but they find out from the contest manager, Jerry Blavat, that the contest is for only mixed groups, so the Monkees have to decide which one of them makes the best looking girl, and automatically, it's Davy. Once they dress Davy up like a girl, they go back to KXIW-TV and apply for the contest, this time, getting accepted. During the contest, there is another group, the Westminster Abbeys, who are three girls and a guy (actually, it's an all girl band, but the lead singer, Daphne, is dressed as a boy so they could be qualified for the contest). After they sing a sped up version of "Last Train to Clarksville," The Monkees go on singing "Door Into Summer." During this, Davy tries to get off the stage, and the other three Monkees try to keep him on! We also find out that Jerry Blavat has developed a little crush on "Miss Jones." At the end of the contest, the Monkees and the Westminster Abbeys tied for first place with a 98.6 on the Applause-O-Meter (only on this show, folks!) and both groups have to come back.

After the contest, the Monkees return to the Pad, but who should also show up but Jerry, wanting to go out on a date with "Miss Jones." Davy turns him down though. When the show comes back from "commercials," Micky, Mike, and Peter are going out to dinner, but Davy doesn't want to go with them, and neither does Daphne when the other Westminster Abbeys go out (because both of them would have to wear their drag clothes). So they end up meeting at "Some little out of the way place that nobody goes" or the Southside Branch. Once they meet, they fall in love (with the stars in the eyes, as usual for Davy), and then the other Monkees show up, not knowing Davy's there! Davy grabs his drag stuff, dropping one of his high heeled boots and takes off.

The next day, the Monkees return to KXIW-TV for the rematch. Davy's about to go on stage, when Jerry Blavat comes along singing (WAY off key, I might add), so Davy ducks into another dressing room to avoid him, and he runs into Daphne. She recognizes him, and she reveals herself as the male singer of the Westminster Abbeys. Then Davy goes to confess everything to Jerry, who is furious. He tries to disqualify the Monkees, because they're not a mixed group, but Davy says they are, and the Monkees perform "She Hangs Out" with the Westminster Abbeys.

INTERVIEW: Davy talks with his friend, Charlie Smalls, about soul.

PRODUCTION NOTES: Filmed November 1967, aired March 4, 1968


Sharon Cintron: Maxine
Rob Rudelson: Pierre
Bill McKinney: Janitor
Deana Martin: Daphne
Jerry Blavat: Himself


Deana Martin is the daughter of the one and only Dean Martin, and she used to date Davy Jones

Jerry Blavat ("The Geator with the Heater" and "The Boss with the Hot Sauce") is a real life disc jockey, who's main base is the Philadelphia area. His show is still on various stations. Until May 18, 2000, I thought this guy was an actor!

According to The Monkees Film and TV Vault, the MC's name was supposed to be "Mr. Arnold." Here's something I learned about that episode, straight from The Geator:

"The Monkees episode came about because at the time their show was on TV, I was also doing a syndicated TV show, which was number one in its time slot on KTLA in Los Angeles. It came to the attention of Screen Gems, producers of The Monkees, who thought it would be a great idea to work in a guest appearance by the Geator. The original episode of "Some Like It Lukewarm" had me playing a character called Mr. Arnold. When I arrived in L.A., the shooting schedule was off and the episode was already in production. They whisked me off to the sound stage, put me in wardrobe, and then on to the set. The director, Jim Frawley, was in a panic because he had not seen the script, so he said to me, "Forget the script and just ad lib." Davy, Micky, Peter, and Mike flipped over the ad libs, and the director loved it because I was keeping the essence of the character but doing it as a version of the Geator. And that's how Mr. Arnold became the Geator."

*NOTE: This was printed in an article known as "Ask the Geator" on March 13, 2003. I got the archived info from Geator! A Tribute to Jerry Blavat

The Monkees still make contact with Jerry Blavat. In March of 2001, Jerry interviewed Micky Dolenz on his radio show, and talked about this episode

In the "Door Into Summer" romp, Davy throws his tambourine on the floor, and it breaks in half. I think one of the cymbals lands on Mike's foot

When the Monkees take a bow after "Door Into Summer," Davy hits his head against Mike's guitar (ow!)

Keep your eyes on Mike during "She Hangs Out." He makes funny faces into the camera

For those keeping score, Davy tries to hit Jerry a grand total of 4 times:
1. When the Monkees enter the contest (with "Miss Jones")
2. Right before they perform "Door Into Summer"
3. At the Pad, when Jerry kisses Davy's hand ("Bleeechhhh!")
4. When Jerry leaves the Pad

When Davy leaves the Southside Branch and loses his boot, it looks like he dumps it out of the bag on purpose.

When Jerry tries to disqualify the Monkees, Davy reaches over and adjusts his tie

The audience never knows the names of the Westminster Abbeys, except as Harmony, Melody, Caphophone, and William McCochrane, yet two of them are credited in the ending credits as Maxine and Daphne

This is the second episode where a man falls for a cross-dressed Monkee ("The Chaperone" was the other one)

During "She Hangs Out," The brunette on the far right didn't appear to enjoy being there

When Davy, Micky, and Mike were doing their radio routine, I think they were taking a jab at Jerry's schtick. Davy and Micky were doing somewhat of a Doo Wop sound (Jerry plays a lot of Doo Wop on his show) while Mike was talking, and Mike was going about thirty miles a minute, which is how fast Jerry talks sometimes (but this is just one girl's opinion)

After listening to Jerry's show, I learned that The Monkees nor Jerry used a script for this episode.

Asside from the director, Jim Frawley, making an appearance in "Monkees in Paris," and the brief cameo of Liberace in "Art For Monkees Sake," Jerry Blavat has been the only guest star on "The Monkees" to ever play himself.

If you'll notice from the moment the Monkees perform on stage, Jerry keeps looking at Davy, and he sort of looks low. Wonder what he's looking for?


"Now look. We need this money really bad, right?"
"So the way to get it is to act like we don't need it. We assume a very casual, suave, debonaire, who needs it kind of attitude."
"Yeah, we don't need it, we don't need it!"
"What do you mean? We do need it!"
"Wait a minute."
"Micky, I know we need it, but we don't act as if we need it."
"Right. We just assume a who needs it attitude."
"Don't ask me, I dunno."
-Mike, Davy, and Micky

"You the guy with the rock and roll contest where we pick up our five hundred dollars?"
"Yes it is."
"Well who needs it?!"
-Mike, Jerry Blavat, and Micky

"You can pay is in small bills you know, somethin' easy to carry out in a guitar case. Tens, fives, fifteens."
"Don't be ridiculous!"
"We'll take a check."
"Are you snapped out of your head?"
"How about small currency? Foreign coins?"
"No! No! Absolutely not!"
"Round salt wheels? Anything like that at all?"
-Mike, Jerry, and Micky

"All right, where's the cash?"
"Cash? You guys don't even qualify! Where's the girl?"
"Where's the girl? What are you a contest manager or a house detective?"
-Mike, Jerry, and Davy

"The rules state that this is for mixed groups only!"
"Oh, basses and baritones."
"Peas and carrots?"
"Republicans and democrats."
"No! I dig girls! Where is the girl in your group? I love girls! I snap over them!"
-Jerry, Mike, and Micky

"After all, what is a woman but a rag, a bone, and a hank of hair?"

"So how do I look?"
"Kinda like a raggy, hairy, bone."
"A hairy, boney, rag."
-Davy, Micky, and Mike

"I've always wondered what all the noise was at our house. It was me three sisters learning how to walk!"

"Well, here he is. I mean here she is. Our Miss Jones."

"Okay, boys and girl. You are now entered in the KXIW Rock-A-Thon contest. And you, my sweet. You are very cute, my love."
"So are you."
"Hey! Be nice to him!"
-Jerry, Davy, and Mike

"Money, money! Anything for money!"

"The guy with the beard's a bit feminine, isn't he?"

"How 'bout that? The highest reading on the meter. A ninety-eight point six!"
"Seems normal enough to me."
-Jerry and Davy

"Fantastic. She's just too much."

"She's trying to get off stage."

"I like the arm around her neck."

"Get her back on stage immediately!"

"Darling, come over here."

"I think he's kind of cute."
"You would."
-Micky and Peter (I have to agree with Peter on this one)

"If you play your cards right, you may win the contest."
"Oh really?"
"Davy's winning."
"Davy's ahead."
"I think he's kind of cute."
-Jerry, Davy, Micky, Peter (or vice versa), and Mike

"Never in my life have I, the Geator with the Heater, snapped over a fox such as you! You are devastating. It must be the mini, it must be something about you that makes my mind crazy with love!"
"His mind was snapped before he came in, you know that."
-Jerry and Mike

"He likes you."
"All you have to do is go out with him, and we're a cinch to win."
"Yeah, as a matter of fact, if you let him kiss you, you might own the television station."
"One more remark like that, and I'll hit you with me purse!"
-Micky, Peter, Mike, and Davy

"At last, after months of lonely searching, we finally found each other. How wonderful!"
"And nothing will ever part us."
-Daphne and Davy

"I've got to go."
"What's wrong? What's happening?"
"Everything's okay, but when you gotta go, you gotta go!"
"Wait my darling! You forgot your high heels?!"
-Davy and Daphne (I like the look on Daphne's face when she picks up the high heel)

"I look very much like my uncle. His picture's in post offices all over the country!"

"That's what happens when you get dressed in the dark!"

"You decieved me! You're not a girl, you're a boy! And the contest specifically says that this is for mixed groups! You are disqualified!"
"But we are a mixed group!"
"No, you're not a mixed group!"
-Jerry and Davy

"Ah girls! My heart now's a-mended!"


I've recently acquired a DVD drive for my computer, so I was able to create these screenshots myself. And, as you might be able to tell, I'm a little biased. Also, you may use these images if you like, but please give me a link if you do.

"We assume a Who Needs It kind of attitude."

"These Monkees are ganging up on me!"

"How'd I get roped into this gig?"

"Are you snapped out of your head?"

"All right, where's the cash?"

"All right, where's the girl?"

"No way in the world would anyone believe I was a girl!"

What is a woman but a rag, a bone, and a hank of hair?

"Isn't this fun?"

"Here she is, Our Miss Jones."

Cupid strikes another hapless victim

"They're bound to find out I'm not a boy."

The Westminster Abbeys

"Not bad, not bad. And the song's good, too!"

"The guy with the beard's a bit feminine, isn't he?"

The Applause-O-Meter

"Let me 'ave one crack at 'im! Just one!"

"She's trying to get off stage."

"I like the arm around her neck."

"Get her back on stage immediately!"

"Darling, come over here."

Jerry Blavat and his Great Gaping Abyss

"Ah, Miss Jones, you've snapped my mind!"

"I think he's kind of cute."
"You would.

Look out, it's JAAAAWWWWS!!!!!


"One more remark like that, and I'll hit you with me purse!"

Frog Face

"You forgot your high heels?!"

"How's my hair?"

Five minutes 'til showtime!

"So much for my hairdresser knowing for sure."

"You look better in the wig."

"Tie's a little crooked there, mate."

If looks could kill

Whattaya know? They ARE a mixed group!

Watch the birdie!

The short kid's very LOUD!


"She Hangs Out"