The Day I Met Jerry Blavat

I honestly didn't think that it would happen, especially not this early. On May 15, 2003, three days before my birthday, my mom, my sister, and I went to Atlantic City and met the Geator with the Heater.

On Tuesday night, my mom told me that on Thursday, we were going to Atlantic City, going to the Trump Marina (and staying there overnight) to see Jerry Blavat. I was going "Oh my god! You're kidding!" But she wasn't. We were really going.

Well, all right, we didn't exactly go straight out. I emailed Jerry's assistant, Keely Stahl, to make sure he was going to be there. Then I called up Geator Gold Radio and double checked. And then we had to wait until Mom came home from work. She had a conference until noon or so. When she came home, I nearly jumped out of my seat and raced for the door. Mom had expected me throwing a hissy fit, but I told her that Jerry was gonna be there, and off we went.

We left at 12:00 pm, and drove and drove and drove and drove. Rather than bothering with trying to find a radio station when we lost signal on a local one, we brought along our CD's. Anyway, three and a half hours later, we reached the Trump Marina, and checked in. Once we dumped our stuff in our room, we went down to the lobby, where the Wave is, and we went inside.

I was so nervous, I felt like I was gonna throw up! When we went into the Wave, I thought I was gonna have a heart attack! My mom thought I was gonna have a stroke! We waited for awhile, and then suddenly, there he was, and I nearly fell out of the chair I was sitting in. I flipped out. I went "Oh my god! Oh my god!" I was going nuts here! So the Geator looks over and says, "Are you Erin?" and I'm like, "Oh my god!" I think Keely (who's seen my page) told him I was coming. I really was going nuts. So Jerry comes over and talks. I give my sister the camera, and Jerry posed with me in a picture.

As he left the table, he said to me, "You're my girl. I'm gonna get you on the radio." And he goes to do his thing. I was taking pictures right and left.

Once the show got started, the Geator began doing his thing. After awhile, he came over to my table, and began to talk about my website. He said that "this young lady created a fictional Geator" and he liked my work. He asked me how long I've been doing it, and I said I had the page since 1997. Then I told him how I saw him on "The Monkees" and I said, "Yeah I like this guy, I think I'll put him in a story." What happened next cracked me up. He said, "So what happens next in your stories? Maybe we'll get married and move to Palm Beach." I said, "No, in my stories, you're already married." And he said, "I'm already married. Well, there goes that idea!" and I just laughed.

I gave my page address, and then told him this trip was an early birthday present, and he got the crowd to sing "Happy Birthday" to me. For most of the two hours, I took pictures and got out on the dance floor. There were a lot of people there ("Geator Groupies" my mom called them).

There was one dance Jerry called "The Wagner Walk" which I tried to do, but I think I messed up. A man named Al taught me the Jitterbug. A woman named Arlene had a birthday May 23 (we sang "Happy Birthday" to her, too), and she came up to me on the dance floor and said "the birthday girls should dance together."

A lot of people asked me for my website address. The DJ that was with Jerry said I reminded him of Molly Shannon from "Saturday Night Live." At the end of Eddie Holman's "Hey There, Lonely Girl," Jerry picked up the mic and said "Don't you know this Geator Geator loves Erin?" Anyway, I was back out on the floor, and Jerry says, "Erin, this is for you!" and he played Martha Reeves and the Vandellas "Heatwave." He played a ton of other songs I liked, too, like "You Can't Hurry Love" by the Supremes, "Shake a Tail Feather" by (I think) James and Bobby Purify, and "Morse Code of Love" by The Capris.

As the show was winding down, Jerry came out to the dance floor and danced the last dance with me.

Then he signed off ("Keep on rockin' 'cause you really only rock once!") and said he was glad he finally met me, and said "I hope I see you again." And then he kissed my cheek. This was the best birthday I ever had!