Camp Monkee Mallard Fanfic

Here are some of my fanfics. All were written by me unless otherwise noted. These are all in chronilogical order, not in the order as they were written. Most of these stories range in between G and PG rated. Stories that have items in them which may cause the rating to jack up a bit are marked with a *

DISCLAIMER: All these stories are fictionalized. Key world being FICTION. There may be references to things that did happen to the Monkees or the Geator in some, but other than that, all stories are fiction. NONE OF THESE THINGS NEVER HAPPENED

An Interview with Bob Rafelsen*

Monkee Magic Mike deals with a major change in his life when his aunts give him some surprising news; Peter's twelve-year-old nephew, Fluey, comes to live with the Monkees

Stepmother Mike's father dates a younger woman, and Mike resents it

Is There a Doctor in the House? Mike visists Rampart General Hospital, and meets up with a few surprises

Sunken Treasure the gang goes to Mexico to look for buried treasure

Viva Las Vegas Micky "Magic Fingers" Dolenz gets the gang in trouble in Las Vegas (sequel to "Monkees on the Wheel")

Love to Love* Mike must stop Mr. Zero from destroying the world and his marriage.

The Not-So-Greatest Show On Earth the gang puts on a backyard circus for Gosalyn and her friends

Teddy Bear's Picnic Mike's aunt sends him a teddy bear who wreaks havoc on Los Angeles

Just a Game the Davy Jones Fan Club plots Geator Sabotage

Haunted House Mike and Jerry are stranded at a haunted house on Halloween night

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me Jerry falls in love with Captain Stanley's sixteen-year-old daughter, and she falls in love with him

Rescue at Nightmare Castle Mike has to stop a sorcerer from spreading eternal darkness all without any of his power

True Colors Gosalyn and her friends save the world when a witch captures Mike and the others

Flying Mike struggles in learning to fly a broomstick

It's a Jungle Out There Mike, his uncle, Gosalyn, and her friend find that it really is a jungle out there, thanks to a board game

New Orleans The Discophonics ward off a voodoo curse placed on Jerry while performing in the Mardi Gras parade

The Quest Mike must prove his powers to the Council of Witches

Addicted* Jerry gets addicted to a new designer drug called Fantasy

Bob Scrooge Bob gets a visit from the Ghosts of Past, Present, and Future on Christmas Eve

Skin Divers Fluey falls for a mermaid; Mike and Jerry follow him on one of his dates

Fever Mike finds a mosquito stowaway in his backpack when he returns from a camping trip in The Other Realm

Everybody Wants to Rule the World* Mike has to stop an evil warlock who possessed Fluey from trying to take over the world

Curse of the Jer-Wolf* a carnival fortune teller places a curse on Jerry, after he exposes her as a phony

Going Dutch the Discophonics become involved with diamond smugglers while on tour in Holland

Leader of the Band Mike spends time with an older guitarist, and joins a new band, completely ignoring the others

Chasing Rainbows The Discophonics are sent to another world to retrieve the Rainbow Prism

Porpoise Song Mike vows to stop the dumping of toxic waste into the ocean

The Dragon Lady* The Discophonics' gig in Chinatown goes awry when horsemen from another dimension kidnap Jerry

Dance and Romance Coiley tries to ask Amy to a dance competition, hosted by Jerry

Witchwood Hall Mike and Sabrina are enrolled in a boarding school for witches

Dragon the Line Mike's pet dragon causes some major headaches

Glitz and Glamour a teen pop diva uses subliminal messages to control the minds of every teen in LA

Mystery of the Middle East Mike and his uncle travel to ancient Khakistan to solve the mystery of two pendants, and rescue Jerry from an evil sultan

Mardi Gras Mayhem Mike, Phyllis, and Jerry are sent to 1873 New Orleans

Daily Nightly* Mike enters the world of his nightmares and faces an all-powerful warlock

'Tis the Season Mike searches all over New York City for the most popular Christmas toy

Baby, The Rain Must Fall Gosalyn's friend, Leland, is diagnosed with leukemia

Where There's a Will an old enemy of Will's uses Mike to force Will to give him a powerful crystal