My Collections

Welcome to my collection page. Listed here are what I have collected through the years.


The old standard if you have a Monkees website, you've also got a Monkees collection. Here's mine


The Monkees Video Box Set (Box Only)
"Elephant Parts" (Mike Nesmith)


"Elephant Parts" (Mike Nesmith)
Monkees Season 1
Monkees Season 2
"Daydream Believers"


"Sabrina The Teenage Witch" (Davy Jones as guest star)
"Love American Style" (Davy Jones in segment, "Love and the Elopement")
"Boy Meets World" (Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, and Peter Tork guest star)
"Daydream Believers" (VH-1 Movie)
"Daydream Believer" ("Pop-Up Video" segment)
"Before They Were Rock Stars" segment (Davy Jones)
"Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In" (Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith)
"The New Scooby Doo Movies" (Davy Jones)
Clip from "TV Guide's Best Rock and Roll Momebnts on TV" from VH-1
Clip from "Video Killed the Radio Star" (Mike Nesmith)


"The Monkees"
"More of the Monkees"
"Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, and Jones"
"The Birds, The Bees, and the Monkees"
"Head" Soundtrack
"Instant Replay"
"The Monkees Present"
"The Monkees Greatest Hits" (Rhino)
"Missing Links" Volumes 1-3
"Teen Idols" ("Daydream Believer")
"Billboard Presents: Family Christmas Classics" ("Riu Chiu")
"Pool It"

"Total Control: The Michael Nesmith Story"
"Monkee Mania"
"Hey Hey We're the Monkees"
"The Monkees Collectable Price Guide"
"The Monkees Tale"
"The Long Sandy Hair of Neftoon Zamora" (Mike Nesmith's book)
"Cereal Boxes and Prizes 1960's" (Monkees are covered between 1967 and 1968)
"Dick Clark's American Bandstand" (they're mentioned twice)
"The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons" (Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz are listed in voice credits for various cartoons)
"Bubblegum Music is The Naked Truth"
"The Monkees: The Day-By-Day Story of the 60s TV Pop Sensation"

Monkees Issue #1
Monkees Issue #2
Monkees Issue #3
Monkees Issue #4
Monkees Issue #5
Monkees Issue #6
Monkees Issue #7
Monkees Issue #8
Monkees Issue #9
Monkees Issue #10
Monkees Issue #11
Monkees Issue #12
Monkees Issue #13
Monkees Issue #14
Monkees Issue #15
Monkees Issue #16


Monkees 1967 Tour T-Shirt
Monkees T-Shirt (standing wearing suits)
Mike Nesmith autographed T-shirt
Monkees Post Card
Monkees 8x10 Photo
Johnny Lightning Monkee Mobile
Monkee Mobile Model Kit
Monkees Bean Bag Bears (plus display cases)
Monkees Buttons (1966)
Monkees "Headquarters" Lunchbox
Monkees Video Lunchbox (lost the video, though)
Model Monkee Mobile (already put together)
Monkees Photos with Autographs
Set of 90 Monkees Trading Cards


The Geator is something I came across recently. It all started with an episode of the Monkees that grew into a collection in it's own right


"For Dancer's Only" Volume 1
"For Dancer's Only" Volume 2
"For Dancer's Only" Volume 3
"For Dancer's Only" Volume 4
"For Ladies Only"
"A Gift of Gold" Volume 2
"For Yon Teenagers Only"
"Collector's Choice"
"Jerry Blavat's TV Song Storybook"
"The Untouchables"


"Bandstand The Untold Story: The Years Before Dick Clark"
"Vanity Fair" December 2000: Article, "Hipsters and Hoodlums"
"And the Hits Just Keep on Coming"
"The Monkees: The Day-By-Day Story of the 60s TV Pop Sensation" (seriously, he's mentioned in this book)


Monkees Video Volume 9: "Some Like It Lukewarm" (hey, it counts!)
Autographed 5x9 photo (reads "Erin Love Jerry Blavat the Geator" or something like that. It's hard to read his handwriting)
Monkees Video "Monkees Vs Machine"/"Some Like it Lukewarm" (it still counts)
Clips from "Red, White, and Rock" on PBS
Geator Autograph, directly from Memories in Margate
2003 Memories in Margate VIP Card


The bigger, softer versions of the Beanie Babies. I do have Beanie Babies, but there are too many to list (I have over 60).

Zip (black cat)
Flip (white cat)
Amber (orange striped cat)
Silver (gray striped cat)
Ariel (green/yellow bear, pink flowers, yellow sun embroidered on chest)
Ears (brown rabbit)
Hippity (mint green rabbit)
India (tiger)
Libearty (white bear, American Flag embroidered on chest)
B.B Bear (tie dyed bear, Birthday button attached to chest)
Mystic (unicorn)
Osito (red bear with the Mexican flag embroidered on chest)
Peace (tie dyed bear, peace symbol embroidered on chest)
Teddy (bear, teal, old face)
Cashew (brown bear, goldish-yellow ribbon around neck)
Dearest (peach bear, peach rose embroidered on chest)
Brigette (pink poodle)
Perriwinkle (bluish-purple, button on chest)
Eggbert (yellow chick coming out of an egg)
Clover (white bear with green clover print on him)
Siam (Siamese cat with gold collar)
Neon (tie dyed sea horse)
Parfum (dark pink poodle)


I grew up with the Care Bears. They'll always have a special place in my heart, considering these are the oldest things in my collections, especially my Kenner plushes, since I've had since I was little

(I have NO IDEA how big these are)

Tenderheart Bear (brown, single heart)
Funshine Bear (yellow, sun)
Grumpy Bear (blue-gray, raincloud)
Love-A-Lot Bear (dark pink, two hearts)
Birthday Bear (yellow, cupcake w/birthday candle)
Cheer Bear (pink, rainbow)
Bedtime Bear (somewhat turquoise, star hanging from moon)
Wish Bear (teal, shooting star)
Good Luck Bear (green, four leaf clover)
Friend Bear (orange, two dasies)
Talking Secret Bear (that still talks! He's golden brown, and has a lock on his tummy)
Champ Bear (beige, trophy)
Share Bear (purple, ice cream soda with two straws)
Grams Bear (gray, rose tied w/ribbon)
Baby Tugs Bear (light blue, star tied in a kerchief)
Baby Hugs Bear (pink, star coming out of a heart)

Bedtime Bear, Classic (a little darker than the Kenner version, more blue, same tummy symbol)
Grumpy Bear, Classic (virtually the same, except the face is a little thinner)
Share Bear, Classic (about five shades darker purple, and her tummy symbol is two lollipops instead of a milkshake)
Friend Bear, Classic (brighter orange)
Funshine Bear, Classic (same, maybe brighter)
Love-A-Lot Bear, Classic (lighter pink)
Tenderheart Bear, Retro (lighter brown)
Birthday Bear, Retro (golden yellow)
Wish Bear, Classic (sort of a sea green color)
Cheer Bear, Classic (lighter pink)
Baby Tugs Bear, Classic (brighter blue)
Baby Hugs Bear, Classic (brighter pink)
Good Luck Bear, Classic (darker green)
Champ Bear, Classic (blue instead of beige)


Grumpy Bear
Share Bear


Share Bear from Hot Topic


"The Care Bears in the Land With No Feelings"
"The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine"
"The Care Bears Movie"
"The Care Bears Movie II"
"The Care Bears Nutcracker Suite"
"The Care Bears: Rainy Day Activities"
And several episodes of their cartoon show taped off of Toon Disney


"The Care Bears Movie"
"The Care Bears Movie II"
"Kingdom of Caring"
"Adventures in Care-A-Lot"
"Care Bears Journey to Joke-A-Lot"

"The Care Bears and the Terrible Twos"
"Bedtime Bear's Book of Bedtime Poems"
"Care Bears Collectibles: An Unauthorized Handbook and Price Guide"
"Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons" (multiple entries)
"A Tale from the Care Bears: Caring is What Counts"
"A Tale from the Care Bears: The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine"

Tenderheart Bear wearing Santa Hat, inside gift box Ornament
Tenderheart Bear inside Heart Shaped Wreath holding Candy Cane Ornament
Grumpy Bear Jewelry box
"Care Bears Giant Color/Activity Book" (Bedtime Bear)
"Care Bears Giant Color/Activity Book" (Friend Bear and Love-A-Lot Bear)
2003 Tenderheart Bear Christmas ornament


Just to explain, Catapillars are plush cats that have butterfly wings, and they wear little gold charms around their necks. They are so, so cute!

Bellaluna (purple-ish blue, moon pendant)
Marina (green, sea shell pendant)
Celeste (blue, star pendant)
Solana (yellow, sun pendant)
Angelique (tie dyed, angel pendant)
Amoura (pink, heart pendant)


Coke is one of my favorite drinks, and I like a lot of the collectibles. I started collecting Coke tins recently, to have some boxes to put some small junk in


"Coca-Cola Collectibles"
"Cooking with Coca-Cola" or "Coca-Cola Recipe Book" (not sure of correct title. It's my sister's book)


Coke tin shaped like diner
Coke tin shaped like Coke can
Coke tin shaped like old time Coke vending machine
Coca-Cola Polar Bear watch
Coca-Cola salt and pepper shakers
Coca-Cola plastic watch box shaped like Coke bottle
Coke tin/lunchbox that looks like a cooler
Coke tin/lunchbox that looks like a case of Coke
Coke tin that looks like a bottle of Coke
Coca-Cola "Fountain Service" salt and pepper shakers


I've been a Hanna-Barbera fan for many, many years. I'm a patron of the classics, so here's my collection


"Scooby Doo Snack Tracks" (CD)
"Hanna-Barbera's Christmas Sing-Along" (audio tape)


"Scooby Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf"
"Scooby Doo In Arabian Nights"
"Jetsons: The Movie"
"Yogi the Easter Bear"
All 18 episodes of "Frankenstein Jr." (Boomerang)
All 36 episodes of "The Impossibles" (Boomerang)
Various episodes of "Scooby Doo" (Cartoon Network)
Various episodes of "A Pup Named Scooby Doo" (Cartoon Network)
Various episodes of "The Paw Paws" (Cartoon Network)
Various episodes of "The Cattanooga Cats" (Cartoon Network)
Various episodes of "Josie and the Pussycats" (Cartoon Network)
Various episodes of "The Shirt Tales" (Cartoon Network)
"The Good, The Bad, and the Huckleberry Hound" (Cartoon Network, my sister's actually)
"The Jetson's Christmas Carol" (Cartoon Network)


"The Encyclopdia of Animated Cartoons" (too many to actually list)
"Bubblegum Music is the Naked Truth" (entry on "The Banana Splits", and mentions of "The Impossibles," "Josie and the Pussycats," "The Cattanooga Cats," "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids," "Jabberjaw," "The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan" and other Hanna-Barbera toons)
"Hanna-Barbera Cartoons" by Michael Mallory


"Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles" Comic Book (Archie, 1996)
Screen shot of "The Impossibles" (black and white at the time. I no longer have the actual file, just the printout)
Stuffed Huckleberry Hound (once again, this one actually belongs to my sister)
Stuffed 13" Boo-Boo Bear


These are dolls that are in my collection, other than my Sailor Moon dolls. All are about 11 inches unless otherwise noted. Also, for some of my dolls, I don't recall the exact names

Far Out Barbie (60's collectible)
2001 Holiday Barbie (collectible)
Coca-Cola Barbie (brunette, 50's style)
Bride Barbie doll (blonde)
Brunette Barbie (purple dress)
Redhead Barbie (blue dress)
Redhead Barbie (green dress)
2000 Graduation Barbie (blonde)
Barbie as Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz"
Purple Fairytopia Sparkle Fairy
Green Fairytopia Mermaid

Snow White (Mattel)
Snow White (Disney World)
Esmeralda from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (Mattel)
Mulan (Mattel)
Mulan (Disney Store)
Princess Jasmine from "Aladdin" (Disneyland)
Alice in Wonderland (Disneyland)
Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" (Disney Store)
Ballerina Ariel (Disney Store)
Jane from "Tarzan" (Mattel)
Pocahontas (Mattel)
Nakoma from "Pocahontas" (Mattel)
Royal Masquerade Snow White (Disney Store)

Samantha-1904 (approx. 18")

Elvis Presley doll


Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love decorating the tree, and I have a lot of ornaments from when I was little and I'm still collecting. Note most are Hallmark ornaments, but some I can't remember were I got them, mostly because they were Christmas presents.

Pillsbury Doughboy (glass, standing on a cupcake)
Donald Duck (inside glass stocking)
Donald Duck (head wearing Santa hat)
Donald Duck trying to wrap a present (Hallmark)
Little Mermaid (with Flounder and Sebastian the crab, Hallmark)
Aladdin and Jasmine on Flying Carpet (Hallmark)
Snow White (Hallmark)
Garfield (Christmas elf)
Garfield (sitting on a star with angel wings and halo, Hallmark)
Kitten sitting in Cup (Target)
Teddy Bear in Jack in the Box playing flute (Target)
"I Dream of Jeannie" (with bottle, Hallmark)
Samantha Stephens from "Bewitched" (Hallmark)
"I Love Lucy: Vitameatavegamin" (Hallmark)
"Care Bears" Tenderheart in gift box
"Care Bears" Tenderheart in heart wreath w/candy cane
Personalized Mickey Mouse 2000 ornament
Orange Kitten w/Santa Hat holding card (Hallmark)
Mice sitting on Hershey Cocoa can (Hallmark)
Penguin squeezing Hershey syrup in cup (Hallmark)
Holiday Barbie (Hallmark)
Black and white kitten in paper bag ("Meow Mart", Hallmark)
Angel Kitty (Hallmark)
Christmas Kitty, 3rd Edition (pink dress w/candy canes, Hallmark)
Stocking Kitty (Hallmark)
Kitty in box of Christmas lights (electric, Hallmark)
Mischevious Kitten hanging from Birdcage (Hallmark)
Coca-Cola Bear in Hot Air Balloon (Wal-Mart)
Coca-Cola Bear on Soda Fountain (Wal-Mart)
My Little Pony 2003 Pinkie Pie w/Stocking (Wal-Mart)
My Little Pony 2003 Sparklewords w/Wreath (Wal-Mart)
My Little Pony 2003 Kimono w/Ornament (Wal-Mart)
Snoopy as Joe Cool (Hallmark)
Mischevious Kitten hanging from Christmas stocking (Hallmark)
American Girls Samantha (Hallmark)
Christmas Kitty, 1st Edition (green dress, holding basket of poinsettas, Hallmark)
Elvis Live at Las Vegas (Wal-Mart)
Hanging icicle
Crystal snowflake
Kitten in ice skate (Carlton, part of a sister-to-sister set. I kept one, my sis has the other)
Pretty Kitty (white kitten in jewelry box with red gemstone and string of pink pearls, Carlton)
Brown Kitty w/Christmas Ornament (Carolton)

Holiday Teddy Bears

I collect teddy bears and stuffed animals. To list every single one I have would take too long. Some of my favorite types of bears are holiday themed ones at Wal-Mart. None of them were pre-named. I named them all myself, and you will note that they all have Christmas themed names. All bears are white unless otherwise noted

Nicholas (1999, red and green plaid vest, red bow tie w/gold embroidered snow flake, red hat w/green brim and white pom pom)
Ivy (1999, red and green plaid dress, green bloomers, green, plaid, and gold bow)
Misty (short for Mistletoe, 2002, peach dress w/fur hem, gold embroidered designs, peach hat w/white pom pom)
BC (short for Blue Christmas, 2002, blue pants, blue and silver vest and bow tie, white shirt w/pearl buttons and silver embroidered designs, blue top hat)
Christy Blue (2002, blue and silver dress, lace collar w/rose at the neck, blue bloomers, blue bow w/lace and rose)
Silver Belle (2002, silver dress w/silver embroidered designs and fur hem, silver hat w/silver embroidered designs and white pom pom)
Sugar Plum (2003, purple dress w/gold embroidered snowflakes, purple bloomers, lace collar, purple and gold bow w/rose and lace)
Cranberry (2003, red dress w/gold designs and gold lace, red bow w/rose and lace)
Garland (2003, gold dress w/white fur trim, gold had w/white pom pom)
Christopher (2003, white shirt under red and gold jacket, red bow tie, green cummerbund, green pants, red top hat w/gold band)
Holly (2003, red, green, and gold dress, red bloomers, red bow w/holly sprig)


These are the original 1983-1984 Cabbage Patch Kids. Unfortunately, I don't remember their original names, and the papers have been lost. You can tell which ones my sister and I played with. They're missing some of their clothes. All of the names listed below are what I have renamed my kids


Carole Jane (blonde hair in pigtails, blue eyes)
Samantha Tess (brown hair in braids, brown eyes, blue glasses)
Phyllis Anne (straight reddish hair, blue eyes)
Sarah Rose (oatmeal brown hair in pigtails, green eyes)
Michael Robert (Preemie, brown eyes)
Gerald Joseph (Preemie, brown eyes)


Wrapper (cat, tan body, brown tuft of hair)
Sugar (cat, orange and white striped body, brown tuft of hair)
Muffin (cat, brown body, brown tuft of hair)


"The Cabbage Patch Kids First Christmas" (1984, taped off the air)


Back to the 1980's again. I've recently been into a fave of mine as a kid, The Popples. I used to have some, but they got tossed along with my childhood MLP's (how we managed to kept our childhood Care Bears, I'll never know). Here's what I have now:


Pretty Bit Popple
Putter Popple
Red Puffling Popple

Vol. 1: Treasure of Popple Beach
Vol. 2: Springtime's a-Poppin'
Vol. 3: Clean Sweep of Things
Vol. 4: Bonnie's Popple Party
Vol. 5: Cookin' Up a Storm
Vol. 6: Popple Panic at the Library
Vol. 7: Poppin' Pillow Talk
Vol. 12: Funhouse Folly

Hooray for Hollywood Popples/Backyard Big Top (original 1987 broadcast, commercials included)

Popples Pajama Party
The Popples and the Candy Store Secret
The Popples Nutcracker Suite
The Popples and the Kitchen Caper
The Popples Christmas Fun Coloring Book


This is one of my favorite stores ever built! As you have guessed, I'm an avid collector of stuffed animals, so this place is like heaven to me! And you can tell I go to this store a lot!

Brittany(caramel cub in Diva outfit)
Pennie (caramel cub in 4th of July outfit)
Lucy Bear (cocoa cub in Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) outfit)
Georgy Bear (cocoa cub in cheerleader outfit)
Cleocatra (sassy kitty in Princess Jasmine outfit)
Phantasma (unicorn in fairy outfit)
Ella (caramel cub in Cinderella outfit)
Reena (mocha bunny in ballerina outfit)
Buck (floppy pony in "Toy Story's" Woody outfit)