Camp Monkee Mallard Movies

These are my collection of "movies." I call them movies because it's more fun than to call them Alternate Universe Stories (AU's). This also gives me an outlet for references in the regular fanfiction, since everyone works at a TV/Movie studio. Like on the regular fanfic page, stories that may not be suitable for younger readers will be mared with an *

A Monkee Mallard Christmas Carol Camp Monkee Mallard's rendition of Charles Dickens classic story

Nights in White Satin a family moves into a haunted house

Rock and Roll is Here to Stay a disc jockey and his buddy bring rock and roll to a small town in California

Split Personality a shy, clumsy college professor mixes a potion that turns him into a ladies man (Jerry Blavat in a dual role) to impress a co-ed

Where Dreams Come From a young half witch travels to another dimension to find the missing half of his uncle's magic amulet

Camp Monkee Mallard Presents The Nutcracker a fourteen-year-old girl, her siblings, and friends follow a Nutcracker doll to save Toyland from an evil overlord