Character Explanation

This goes with my profiles page. I figured I'd better explain how my fanfiction works, to avoid mass confusion.

First of all, my fanfic stems from childhood. My sister and I always interacted our toys from different fandoms into everything. Meaning the Care Bears would be in the same game as the Get Along Gang and the Wuzzles. I'm a crossover fanatic. Some people find it hard to write them, but I find it easy to use many different characters. It flows easier on this site. I have been able to write solo stuff, but for this page, it doesn't work.

My first attempt at fanfic came in 1996. My Darkwing Duck fanfic in the early years before I had a website followed the show as it was: Darkwing Duck was the ego-maniac crime fighter, who scoured the streets of St. Canard with his sidekick, Launchpad McQuack, and he was also dealing with single parenthood. He is the adopted father of Gosalyn. And Bushroot and Quackerjack were villians from the show, and I was also using various other villians. I had long tweaked Bushroot's and Quackerjack's characters to involve them as good guys because I liked them a lot (strange, I know, but it worked out).

I didn't go off the format of the Darkwing Duck cartoon until I saw The Monkees. Then my whole world around fanfic changed. I went off the Darkwing Duck format, drastically changed character personalities, and went against everyting in the cartoon (which is why I don't advertise this site to the hard core DW fans). Two characters I use are two female villians from the show: Splatter Phoenix ("Brush With Oblivian") and Camille Chameleon ("Calm a Chameleon"). I wasn't too crazy about either episode, but I *did* like the characters. Let the tweaking begin! I couldn't work with a name like Splatter Phoenix, so I gave her the name Sarah because I've always liked that name.

You'd never guess these characters were from Darkwing Duck, though. They've gone through a huge overhaul over the years! In the DW Universe, Darkwing was a crime fighter and a bit of an ego-maniac. In my world, Drake Mallard is more mild mannered, and the Darkwing Duck name is practically non-existant. On the cartoon, Gosalyn was his adopted daughter. In my Camp Monkee Mallard World, she's his biological daughter. Gosalyn is also the only one who retains the same personality from the TV show. On the cartoon, Quackerjack was an insane, crazed maniac of a toymaker. In my world, he's known as "Quacky," which is short for the name I've given him (John Alan Quackerstein, Jr.) I *do* have him into toys, just not as maniacal about them. In my world, he enjoys a good book, and sometimes when he gets into a book, you can't snap him out of it. Bushroot is one character you'd DEFinitely not recognize! On the cartoon, he was a chicken and a wimp. In my world, "Reggie" drives a Harley Davidson, and sarcastic.

I've actually noodled with an idea of having the Darkwing Duck cartoon be a TV show, where Drake, Quacky, Reggie, and Gosalyn would be portraying the characters you see on the cartoon. Nothing came of it, however.

After my Darkwing Duck fanfic craze, I started getting into The Monkees, and I put them in a trial fic that was a disaster. Then I began to start on a story that would explain the start of the whole Mallards concept. The story is long gone, however, and a replacement is still in the works. During this time, I put in a lot of original characters, took some more characters from Darkwing Duck, tweaked some characters, and that lasted up until a couple of old stories, which I'm not even sure I still have. During the rewrites of a few stories, I plopped in an extra from The Monkees that I had an attraction to, Jerry "Geator with the Heater" Blavat (he appeared in episode 56, "Some Like it Lukewarm").

Jerry's first story was called "Jerry's Girl" in which I created a steady girlfriend for him, Tamara Robinson. The reason for getting rid of "Jerry's Girl" and most the other fanfics that featured Tamara was because I was starting not to like her too much. During the time, I wrote a story called "Breaking Up is Hard To Do" which was when she wanted to break up with him, and after that came "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted?" where Jerry is suffering a broken heart. I retouched the subject of "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted?" in "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" in which I created a new girlfriend for Jerry (more on that later).

I had been hooked on Jerry for quite some time now. He and Mike are my favorite characters to work with. My sister and I have a condition known as Torture Your Favorite Character Syndrome. Many authors out there have this same condition. This is where you take your favorite character, and just do anything to them. I had done that with Mike many a time, but the first time I clobbered Jerry but good was "Love to Love" (which won Best Character Comeback in the 2001 Monkee Fanfic Awards).

New characters have come and gone. "Stepmother" introduced Mike's father, Warren Nesmith, and an original character, Carole Parkington Nesmith, who is Mike's stepmother. After Carole, came the characters from Sailor Moon. I had been working on a parody of that for two years, but I was unable to fine tune the details. Finally, after watching the third season on Cartoon Network, I decided to give the boys the powers, and use the story line as a regular fanfic (originally, my parody was going to be an Alternate Universe). Since then, I've used the Sailor Scouts in various story lines, the first being "Soldier Moon and the Soldier Scouts." Two years after I wrote that one, "Moon Legend" appeared, which basically told how the boys got their powers. One thing I have yet to explain is how I chose the boys to be which Scouts. The only explanation I have is why Mike is Soldier Moon. I tend to play favorites, and since Sailor Moon's the leader of the Scouts, and since Mike is the leader of the whole group, it made sense.

Ideas come from all over the place. One story, "The Dark Circle" came from a Monkee fanfic I read where the character made Davy a witch/warlock/whatever. But her story dwelled on the creepy side of witches, so (with the exception of a few stories) I decided to make Mike half-witch (or is it warlock?), but his magic dwells more on a "Bewitched" level, which is mischievous fun. I was also thinking of bringing one of my favorite shows, "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" into the fanfic, so I decided to have Mike and Sabrina be cousins.

Other characters I have incorporated into my fanfic are the characters from my sister's favorite TV show, Emergency! This never was one of my favorite programs, but the characters are fun to work with, especially Dr. Kelly Brackett and Captain Hank Stanley. Dr. Brackett and Mike don't get along, but I never explained why. To tell the truth, I don't really know. The first story I wrote with them in it was "Is There a Doctor In the House?" which I wrote before "Stepmother" (don't ask). I have two different plot twists I've done with the characters from Emergency! One was having Dr. Joe Early date Mike's aunt, Kate (from the episode "Monkees in Texas"). The other was in "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me," where I got the idea for while listening to the song of the same name. It was a follow up story to "Just a Game," where I introduced Linda Stanley, who is an original character. I created her as Hank Stanley's daughter, and part of the Davy Jones Fan Club. In "Just a Game," Linda's friends didn't like the fact that Davy and Jerry called a truce (which never lasted), and they tried to kill Jerry. Linda didn't go along with the plan. Then in "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me," I had Jerry and Linda fall in love with each other, to Captain Stanley's dismay, since Jerry's 26 and Linda's 16. When Hank forbade Linda to see Jerry, the two ran away and got married. In between there, Linda became pregnant, but I scrapped the idea after awhile, and had to change around a couple of fanfics.

When I was getting into The Monkees I still had shades of an earlier fandom lurking around my brain. The cartoon was called The Impossibles. I'll give you a brief overview of the cartoon. It was a Hanna-Barbera cartoon, and shown with another creation, Frankenstein Jr. The show was called Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles. It only lasted in between 1966 and 1968, and was yanked because parents thought it was too violent (what violence?! All they did was punch the bad guy in the nose!) It wasn't a very memorable cartoon, that's all I can tell you, but it still gets air play on Cartoon Network's sister channel, Boomerang from time to time. The characters from The Impossibles are Coil Man, Multi Man, and Fluid Man. They're a superhero team, posing as a rock band (Beatles parody right there). While getting started with the fanfics, I used all three characters, and kept them as superheros. Once I got into The Monkees, things changed. I was only using Fluid (aka Fluey) and Multi, created last names for them, and I didn't have them keep their super powers. They're just normal teenagers. It worked, so I kept them this way. Every time I happened to see the cartoon after the site got started, however, I would want to write a story where Fluey and Multi were hired to play two members of a rock and roll trio who happened to be superheros for a TV show, and add Coil Man (aka Coiley) to the mix. Unfortunately, I never got the idea started, and I probably never will.

At one point, I had been thinking about it, and decided to make Fluey Peter's nephew, for some odd reason in which I can't explain. I've recently been writing Impossibles fanfic based on HB's Impossibles, and some of the stuff I've written for Camp has crossed over into the stories, like Multi and Coiley's families. Fluey, on the other hand, well, I had to come up with a whole new family scenario for him (and it turned out that little twist of plots was one of my biggest hits!)

Another thing to explain. My Monkee/Mallard Movies. Those are basically stories where I have a particular idea that really doesn't fit in with my fanfic world, especially since I have the habit of setting the stories in the past, and maybe the future. They're usually Alternate Universes (AU's), but for some reason, I call them "movies." And because of that, I reference them in my regular fanfic.

Getting back to personalities, I tend to change them around to best work with the characters, i.e. Darkwing Duck. I took many a villian from the cartoon and turned them into good guys, for the sake of fanfic. I changed the Monkees' personalities ever so slightly, so they fit in somewhere within real-life and the TV show. All other characters I keep their personalities the same.

Recently, my enthusiasm for Sailor Moon has died completely. Most of my plotlines for the Soldier Scouts were beginning to look the same, and I was in a pretty bad rut, so they were scrapped, which was sort of disappointing to me, since I had Amy/Sailor Mercury and Coiley started going out, and I didn't want to use just this character, so I did the next best thing. I created a new character named Aimee Armbruster.

As far as character ages go, everyone in my fanfic is pretty much ageless. Birthdays will be mentioned, but other than that, Mike isn't getting any older than 23, Fluey isn't getting any older than 16, etc, etc, etc. Because of the weird and wild AU my stories take place in, the Monkees aren't from the 1960's. It's sort of an all TV universe here, meaning, in my fanfic world, whatever happened in the Monkees TV show really would have happened in my fanfics (with the exception of "Monkees on Tour," "Fairy Tale," and "Monkees in Paris").

Now, I'd like to talk about my alter ego, Erin James. James is not my real last name, BTW, and I am NOT giving away what my real last name is. My alter ego was created for the sake of my Darkwing Duck/Mighty Ducks phase. She was an anthropomorphic duck, in between the ages of 14 and 15 (that's how old I was when I created her). When I got heavily into the Monkees (in between the ages of 16 and 17), I made her a human character (more like a charactiture of myself). When I was writing my Darkwing Duck/Mighty Ducks stories, I was an extremely BAD MARY SUE writer. I've stopped doing that with my alter ego, and she doesn't show up in the stories too often. In any case, Erin James is a lot like me. I even created a character of my sister, Heather, in a couple of stories, whom I have made act exactly like my sister, when she is shown (the only times I've ever used my sis was in two "movies": "The Geat Beat" and "Keep On Rockin'"). Hopefully, I'll get to use my sis in more stories. My alter ego also goes out with Keith Partridge at times (Keith and Laurie Partridge from The Partridge Family are characters I often use), but since I don't particularly care much for Keith Partridge/David Cassidy as a crush object, I don't think this counts much as Mary Sue-ism.

My 80's childhood has helped with certain stories, such as "True Colors." In it, the main characters are a group of kids: Gosalyn Mallard from Darkwing Duck, and characters from a favorite cartoon of mine when I was younger, The Get-Along-Gang. Before I get started on that, my Darkwing Duck world no longer follows the actual cartoon. I made Gosalyn Darkwing's biological daughter, and she has a younger sister named Michelle. I've created ideas to view the Darkwing Duck cartoon as a TV show in production (starring Darkwing, with Reggie and Quackerjack playing parts in it), but the idea never got off the ground.

The Get-Along-Gang's main characters were Montgomery Moose, Dotty Dog, Zipper Cat, Woolma Lamb, Bingo "Bet-It-All" Beaver, and Portia Porcupine. There were six other members of the gang as well (Braker Turtle, Bernice Bear, Rocco Rabbit, Flora Fox, Rudyard Lion, and Lolly Squirrel), but they only appeared as cameo characters in the cartoon (although Braker did have some speaking lines from time to time). The last six were mainly used in the GAG books. The antagonists of The Get-Along-Gang are Catchum Crocodile and Leland Lizard. All of these characters are supposed to be kids. Due to the fact that Catchum Crocodile and Leland Lizard are two of my favorite characters from the cartoon, I changed them around a bit, like I do with mostly every cartoon I've ever worked with, and made them good guys.

Other kid characters I use are Lilly and Katie Cat, which are original characters my sister and I have made up since we were kids. Since I've added Coiley to my line-up, I've been using Lilly and Katie's older brother, Sebastian (16), more now than before. Two of my other original kid characters are Julie and Tommy Olsen. They are based on the characters Julie and Tommy from another favorite cartoon series of mine, The Raccoons, but the personalities (or from what I have seen) are not the same. I can't compare and contrast, because I'm not sure what The Raccoons Julie and Tommy's personalities are. As far as I can tell you, my Julie is quiet, shy, and a bit of a crybaby. My Tommy is the exact opposite of his sister, and is quite possibly more energetic than Jerry! They're mainly used in my "My Little Pony" fanfic. Another original character is Jenny Cat, who I made to be Zipper Cat's cousin (Get Along Gang). After some debate, I'm going to change her name from Jenny to Jennifer. Two more kid characters I sometimes use are Chris and Jenny DeSoto, who are Roy's kids. This information was given to me by my sister, who's a fan of Emergency!. She said that we definitely know from the show that Roy has a son named Chris, and a daughter, but no one knows her name. Most fans call her Jennifer (Jenny for short) after Kevin Tighe's real life daughter (Kevin Tighe was the man who played Roy on Emergency! for those of you who don't know).

Since my Sailor Moon phase died, in moved Sabrina the Teenage Witch. As a plot move mentioned earlier, I made Mike half witch ("Monkee Magic") and I combined that with one of my favorite shows, Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Actually, sometimes when I watch Sabrina, I put Mike in the episodes as well.

One of my new favorite original characters appeared in "Mystery of the Middle East." So far, only known as "Uncle Will," his full name is Willhelm Westerman, and he is an uncle of Mike's. Will is a writer, and often travels around the world getting inspiration for his books, which he promptly brings to Screen Gems the minute it's off the press. Quackerjack is his biggest fan, and Mike is his favorite relative. Will has a tendancy to bring gifts for Mike and his friends whenever he visits California. Will has only been used two or three times, but I hope to change that. The thing is, it's hard to come up with something to put him in. I don't like writing him into a story for the sake of him to be in it. There has to be a reason for Will to be there.

Due to changes and character development, time to explain Bob. He has shown up in my fanfic for who knows how long! Just to avoid confusion, he is not a charactiture of Real Life Monkee Co-Creator Bob Rafelson, although the name is very similar. My Bob's last name is spelled R-A-F-E-L-S-E-N. Bob started out as an uptight jerk who didn't really get along with Mike, or anybody. It shows a lot in "In the Beginning" and "Bob Scrooge," especially "Bob Scrooge." But as I was writing "Bob Scrooge," I thought, wait a minute, let's make Bob a little different. I'm starting to like this guy. Let's give him an attitude adjustment. I gave him a bit of a "twagic past" (it's a Mary Sue term. Sis has been helping me), all starting with a car crash that killed his parents when he was eight. It was all down hill from there, and Bob is now an offical Borderline-Gary Stu (the male equivalent of a Mary Sue), though no real background story has ever been written about Bob, with the exception of my "Interview with Bob Rafelsen" in the fanfic section.

The Screen Gems studio I use in my fanfic is completely fictionalized, bearing absolutely no resemblence to the real life Screen Gems in any way possible. I might change some things around and come up with my own studio name, but for now, I'm using Screen Gems.

Due to changes in interest and priorities with my sister, she is no longer into the Emergency! fandom, and has requested I not use Johnny, Roy, and the other firemen from Station 51 in my fanfic anymore, except Hank, because she knows Hank is a central character at times. The fics are still up, though, but my sister is currently revising them to take out the firemen and the medics. She doesn't mind if I continue to use Dr. Early, Dixie, Dr. Brackett, and Hank.

The only time I ever write a fanfic that follows true to any of my fandom canon is when I write for, though shades of this site *have* appeared on in my Hanna-Barbera Impossibles stories. Coiley's family background and Multi's family background mirror this site. Fluey's does not. One of my HB Impossibles stories on is called Nothing's Impossible, which is my version of their origin story (since it was never given in the actual cartoon). I originally wrote it as a "Camp Monkee Mallard Movie," which is why Mike, Phyllis, Reggie, Jerry, and Shawn ended up in the thing as well. Also, my Frankenstein Jr. origin story was also written as a Camp Monkee Mallard movie, but that one drastically changed from the time it was up here (both were on the page in 2001), from when I moved it to my defunct HB site, and from there, to

It should also be noted that stories here on Camp Monkee Mallard tend to be longer, and a bit "heavier" (is that the word I want?) than some of the other stories I write. My CMM stories deal with touchy subjects, whereas my MLP fanfic is pretty much as kid friendly as possible. I don't normally write any heavy subjects for most of my other fanfics, but I have made exceptions: three of my HB Impossibles stories (murder was involved in two of them, and there was an attempted murder in the other), and four Raccoons stories (one dealt with assault, one anorexia, one alcoholism, and the fourth was a follow up to the alcoholism story), but most of the time, I stick to canon for stuff I write for

This is basically how my fanfic works. Keep checking back to this page for more information and explanations, if I can think of them.