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October 1, 2009
I put back the rewrites to "Nights in White Satin"

I got an email from a girl named Alice asking me if I had a specific picture of Phyllis Nesmith, and I told her that I thought I did, but wasn't sure. I just checked my data disc, and I do indeed have the pic in question. Unfortunately, I deleted the email instead of saved it, so I don't have her email address! Alice, if you're out there viewing my page, just Click Here for the pic!

REMEMBER: "Love is Power!" said Mike Nesmith and as the Geator says, "Keep on rockin' cause you only rock once!" (whatever that means!)

* * * NOTICE! * * *
I have recieved many requests to copy my Impossibles cartoons to DVD and sell them to people. It should be noted that I DON'T sell my cartoon collections, especially since I taped them off the air. I would appreciate it if these requests stopped. Thanks!

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